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  2. Nothing this Iranian government has said has proven to be true. Their real goals are to deflect the truth seekers from scrutinizing their irreverence for Allah! It is not surprising as insincere and bad governments have gone to war for much less! Watch out for those who do not stand upon truth for their foundation!

  3. Javad ,the foreign minister of Iran , is utilizing an islamic practice called takia, which is to lie & deceive for strategic purposes. Iranian officials & the Ayatollah are not to be trusted. President Trump knows how to deal with them in a humane and efficient way, preventing them from achieving their destructive goals. PRAY FOR THE PPL IN IRAN!!!

  4. I'm truly delighted Pat is doing just fine, missed him but Gordon is doing a phenomenal job as usual. Enjoy the much needed rest Pat, and God's guidance and inspiration in writing your book.

  5. Please pray 🙏🙌😇 ❤️ for young Tyler that God will heal him from cancer in his foot he is from Jamaica but doing Sergey in Miami God 🙏 🙌 bless you all

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