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  2. killing your baby is okay but building a wall for security is immoral how stupid is that Jesus said there was coming a day when wrong would be right and right would be wrong I think we are there

  3. Very good in-depth interview with Dr. Perlmutter. By the way, what Sarah Sanders does as a mother at home is much more important than what she does as a press secretary. Too many women have bought into male propaganda that what they do is more important than what women traditionally do. No matter what work women do, men will find a way to make themselves seem superior. Men are just better at PR than are women.

  4. Don't take STATINS!! Cholesterol is BRAIN FOOD!! I have been arguing with Drs. for 10 yrs. that I'm not taking it and I won't. People are dying younger because of Big Pharma….it's a business and driven by profit, they do NOT care about your health, they just want you taking their meds.

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