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  2. I haven't really watched the 700 Club since after this last episode where Pat just basically passed the buck on the JW question. JW is a Cult that needs to be shut down along with LSS Morman's.

  3. Hey guys…over the last few years ive really gotten off track with my faith…Pat lead me to Jesus in October of 1989 and it was a miraculous transformation from the Lord…so lately l am not very caring about my walk…but I truly believe God is stiring me…ive actually felt his presence in my life and home recently and that's why I'm writing this cause I'm absolutely positive of his love..so I ask for prayer cause I know there are thousands of faithful who watch this here.

  4. I've gotten some heart problems and is healing, the hospital said kids are getting heart problems at an earlier age, some at the age of 12 years old.

  5. JWs have their own corrupted bible called the NWT. Jesus is created and used to be the angel Michael. He got promoted to being A god, but not the one true God. The Holy Spirit is an IT, not a person. There is no trinity. Jesus is not to be worshipped. Jesus is invisible. He rose as an invisible spirit being, never to be seen with a body, again. These are JW (false) doctrines.

  6. Why doesn’t Gordon do the show more than his dad. At least Gordon does the praying for your needs segment every time he does the show and pat has gotten to where he doesn’t do that segment when he is on the show. Their are people that love that part of the show and you are more concerned about answering questions that you really don’t answer with a straight answer all the time.

  7. Jehovah Witness is a CULT. Pat Robersons 'limp wristed' response to a queston about them makes me want to stop supporting CBN.

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