1. Loving your style. I'd love to get my hands on some great genetics but that's hard down here in NZ

  2. A channel worth subscribing to. No bullshit just good info. Most dudes I can only listen to for two minutes

  3. As im watching this I keep getting a wiff of marijuana from my grow coming threw my window, For a second there I thought I could smell your plants through the computer

  4. Damn, your plants are just beautiful! You definitely have a great formula! Thanks for killer content!

  5. Damn dude. I'm still trying to figure out how to get seedlings to grow longer than a week. I keep having the stems get super thin. Like paper thin. Then fall over and die.! I need someone like you around to help me figure this out before I piss away more money on seeds 😐

  6. Your garden looks great. You ever think about upgrading your pots to bigger ones for bigger yields? Or don't you think it's worth it considering you get a lot on the pot size you are running now. Im a newer grower and want to grow a plant outside next summer but i have to look into the legality of it in my state, i might need it in a 5 wall space which is dumb. I want to grow it with no ceiling. 🍻

  7. Nice plants.That LA confidential sure is a slow Plant when in vegetative growth. At least she flowers out with in 8 -9 weeks. I had a pack that I found a beautyThat was slow in Veg. Didn’t stretch much if at all but she sure was frosty and flavorful…I wonder if DNA still has LA confidential regular seeds on their menu.I noticed they went big on the feminized seeds so I Lost interest.

  8. I got black dhalias, California dreaming and snow White cherry, my black dhalias are my tallest so far which is supposedly a genetically short plant..

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  11. try a purple moby dick, its really huge plant. i got massive yield in the middle of Europe. You gonna be suprised!

  12. Hey bro you should say who breed the Strains you have for instance there is a bunch of og’s out there which one do you have same with the bubba is it the clone only

  13. The growmie part just a lil to much are supposed to assemble or what. I can never hit the thirty seconds button fast enough bro. I love the channel not that one cringie part.

  14. Kudos man. As a newbie I enjoy following along in my own garden and replicating what you do here. You mention you are watering every day. I'm watering every other day and after 2 waterings I feed. Water, Water, Feed.Curious, why do you think they wont be as big as last year?

  15. Hey I’m thinkin of doing some outside plants I’m in SoCal and wondering how much light your garden gets this time of year?

  16. That is 1 beautiful garden my friend. One day I plan on having me a garden like that. You are the man great job

  17. Are you not afraid by Police drows and helicopters ??
    In Lyon France, they watch every house gardiens meadows, forests…. Unbeilivable !

  18. How much y'all think those 5gal fabric pots gonna yield by the end of the season?? Mines look identical …

  19. Watching & learning your gardening practices/techniques I’m growing better & bigger yields with better flavor profiles compared to when I first started growing I have learned & still learning so much watching your videos thank you Sensei KGB

  20. How much do you feed each plant? Like how many gallons? I have big bushy 5fters in 20gal pots. I feed every 2 days and give each plant 2 gallons a pop. I feed, feed, then straight water.

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