1. Hey hopefully you can help me out with this. I germinated my seeds and just put them in there first post today. Do you think it will make it till harvest, I'm planting outdoors.

  2. Just a heads up on the window you want to turn, it's not made to go that way, there are no balances (springs) in it to hold the window open. When you open it and let go it will fall, so be ready for it, you could use a stick to hold it open.

  3. Hey bro. Things are looking good man what kind of barley are you using? Also. Have some brownish-orange Funk happening to some of my leaves. Treating everything the same . Only happening with one strain. Everything's growing beautiful though

  4. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge on out door grows it's helped tons with my girl's here in central Cali, thanks bro

  5. Hey brother, if you plan on drying in your she'd, you may want to consider insulating it. I know it's a small space. But, if you're already having temps this hot, a small ac may not work real well in an uninsulated space.

  6. Oo trainwreck ,oldskool ,i got some LA confidetial from 10 yrs ago ..fuckin tasty ,uve got class my man ..

  7. Do you provide for your family and friends? Because if so I'd love to become your friend 😉 haha jk. I'm definitely trying to start growing myself. Was looking at buying some auto flowering seeds online maybe some gorilla glue. I don't have a fenced in backyard so my plant will be inside. But I'll definitely upload a video once its going.

  8. got some Chemdog XJack The Ripper F5 Im stoked to flower out. Ive grown the diesel and smoked OG, but I understand Chemdog may be a parental of the Sour D and OG Kush.
    Ill be force flowering a lot of them as being in Canada I dont think they will finish here on their own. we'll see, hoping the JTR brings down the flowering period to about 8-8.5 weeks.

  9. That's a nice shed! So many ways to trick it out. You could put a ceiling fan or two to save floor space. You could leave the window as it is and cut a hole just big enough for the ac unit and caulk it to keep out water and bugs. Then add bars or steel wire mesh in front of window and ac unit, maybe a camera too? Much love and respect for you Kali.

  10. love your channel, with all your upgrades consider taller perimeter fencing, the janky home Depot reed is always suspect. just takes one dick head driving by and wanting to stop and take a look.

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