The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – I Was Given A New Plant!!! – Skywalker OG

Huge shout out of appreciation & respect to the Gromie Sergio for gifting me the Skywalker OG clone Thank you to all the Gromies that offered to help me …


  1. You do not need any Reflection from underneath the plant as the plant is unable to perform photosynthesis through the bottom of the leaves. That is why when a leaf is trying to save itself from light stress it will tend to twist and try to turn over to show the bottom of the leaf to protect itself.

  2. I add Mylar on the floor of my plants, It helps the light to bounce all over. The plants seem to like it and those lower leaves get some light off it too. Can’t see it hurting anything.

  3. That's what I love about the cannabis community we share and care. It's the anti-capitalist plant 😂🍁🔥🌦☀️🍁

  4. Was watching on my TV but had to come leave a comment you had me cracking up from 4:355:25 LoL "when you start working with them your girls loosen up" thanks for the vids Kali !

  5. What are your growing around the base of your girls? I see some clover. Do you see any positives from having those plants there? Was thinking about putting in some seeds inside my indoor grow.

  6. Wow man I haven’t seen any white widow and train wreck around in years !! Dope old school strains ! Much love from Central Valley Cali

  7. There is never enough mylar. Just put it on the wall on the floor. And other you want you can win 25 % of light

  8. If you have extra I'd put it on the bottom. If not, I wouldn't worry about it. Also, hardening, my clones are under t5 for 6 weeks. Then outside 24-7 in partial shade for 7-10 days before planting them in ground. I personally have had zero issues doing this way

  9. For your indoor, go to Walmart and you can get a security blanket for $3.00 2 of them would cover that entire space. The wall and table. Also Home Depot sells reflective insulation for $12-$15 for a huge piece of it you can fill in the gaps on your wall

  10. I also would like 2 know your opinion on outdoor vs indoor. Sum1 told me indoor is much better for everything but I like outdoor as preference. Thanx so much in advance…

  11. Hey boss. Sorry I'm lazy to research your comments but I have to ask and my bad if u answered this b4. Does the sun ever hurt your plants or what do you do to prevent burning? I live in wa state and am a new grower. I've watched a handful of your vids and i dig ur content bruh! Subbed… keep on keeping on.

  12. in my growtent the bottom is also reflective, so i would say reflective bottom is also okay, cant reflect too much.

  13. I wouldn't worry about adding any reflection underneath. That one plant with the messed up leaves outside I would pull the plug on her you have plenty of others to replace her with. Good luck and have a great season

  14. Hey bro what's up so I have some White Widow I've been trying to start and I'm having a heck of a Time popping White Widow seeds for some reason I got them from AMS seeds in Amsterdam and I got a lot of other varieties also and I haven't had any issues popping any of the seeds except for White Widow I got one out of four so far to actually split and give me a Taproot in the one that did died before it stood all the way up. All the other plants are doing great is there a chance it's just super sensitive or do you think I got a dud batch what am I doing wrong?

  15. I need to move out of Tennessee…….😭😭😭😭😭They areso fkn behind in the race and the new governor dont approve of rec med anything he against even decriminalization😭.How can some states allow it but others not. Fkn america is stupid.LETS ALL GROW IN AMERICA AND WATCH AMERICA GROW💪

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