The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – How, Why & When To Low Stress Train Your Cannabis Plants

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  1. You give great tips I appreciate the experience examples and I'm Useing your Technics with My Chesse, super silver Haze and I have these other talk skinny ones that I'm questionable about I need help with knowing why it has lil balls growing at the top of it

  2. I'm curious to see how the compost pot works out I always used a separate place for that like a compost pile or barrel

  3. Thanks again for the in depth video mate on the subjects we all want to gain more knowledge on the things we love to grow and smoke. Thanks very much all the way from Australia

  4. All that work for nothing this year Neighbor , have you not yet seen the drones at night flying over your garden, see ya in October , neighbor …!

  5. The weight didn't pull your lower branches off. The branches could not lift the cage. Review the footage

  6. I used to watch your vids and bel like damn lol but now that I harvested I got nearly as much as you off a few gallon pots lol

  7. Bro why do you have a cage for outdoor weed ? Lol I can tell one day you woke up and told your wife I want to grow weed full time lol , anyway show some trichomes close up buds , from now I just see regular weed that goes to dispensary’s lol

  8. Awesome grows! I'm currently doing my first grow at 16 it sure as hell was hard trying to learn everything but now that I know how to do it my autos are coming out great B Dream and Bubba kush on day 9 looking lovely keep up the great vids!

  9. You have the same troubles as me?..wet cloudy rainy?..the girls are looking good ..stay safe cheers ☝️😤💨

  10. I saw your security video a while back. I understand why you don’t socialize, etc. But doesn’t the aroma give you away to your immediate neighbors? Do you make efforts to tone it down? I just don’t see how tho. ✌️

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