1. Align with microbes worms and fungi ,and one will thrive ,simple and to the point best videos I've watched on the subject of clean growing ,thank you for the effort to put the chemical fertilizer n nutes cos out to pasture and bring it back home to the home cultivators, hope it spreads to the veggie peeps too.

  2. yet another fantastic video….. just wondering what type of amended soil is used under the cover crop and hummus layer?

  3. The garden of weedin (if that's how its spelled) is a place I long for. Just love this garden it's what I dream of. I live in Florida so as of now it's not happening here.

  4. I love your garden, but where is your own compost bin? Why buying compost instead of producing the best you can get? You should have enough plant material and with a shredder you can use your stems, too.

  5. This style dirt building process would work for anything growing on earth 🌍. The woodchip back yard is Tiffany’s for breakfast!

  6. Do you have a video of how you building you beds and cages. And how you get your soil to fill them.

  7. KGB check out "Flaco watts" on YouTube.. He's organic growmie and don't know it!!!

    I think his organic amendments formulas would be a awesome add.

  8. What's growing on mannn!? If you weren't aware, by trimming your cover crop your killing parts of the roots, which will release the N for the microbes to make available. I'm sure you know, but others may not.

    A side note you compared your method to a redwood forest. In old growth forests there is anywhere from 100-1000 X more fungus than microbes. You actually want closer to a 1:1 – 1:2 parts fungi to microbes (more suitable for "row crops")

    Your fungus and microbes are really finicky with temperatures. Soil with 65 degrees will have one set of microbes, and 70 degree soil will be different. If you want to grow your own microbes you should do a compost pile. You will be growing the stuff that is right for your climate.

    Knowledge is power!

  9. You should wear knee pads
    And maybe even some sort of back brace don’t break down your body creating the medicine

  10. From my understanding, the rhizobium bacteria fix atmospheric dinitrogen gas that is already in the soil, which is why having a well aerated living soil is important. Denitrifying bacteria also create dinitrogen gas in the soil, which the rhizobium is then able to fix.

  11. Another great video….Any suggestion and where to get the wire you are using on the cages…Not seeing and deals on the net…Thank You

  12. If you go to the grow store and buy soil mixed with acrobial life in it and grow clover in that would it be similar to what you are doing just a faster way? I am trying to not take weeks to make my no till

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