The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – How I Combat Bud Worms In My Outdoor Garden – July 3rd

Thank you to everybody for making this community so awesome!!! -I use 100% organic silica that is from discarded rice hulls. I purchase my silica from …


  1. Hey man, how long to do you spray the Safer Caterpillar killer? Do you use at any point during flowering, or only veg? Im just at the point of flowering, and have used it twice over the last 2 weeks for the first few times, and I'd say I'm in week 1 of flowering.

  2. Amen brother! The transition stage is really cool to see. I have a copper head that stayed squaty the longest in my garden, it went from 1 ft 2 inches to 2 ft in just 2 days. Talk about exploding! Using your teachings and tips I have the best looking garden I have ever seen in all my years! Thanks for all you do bro! Kali is the way! 🤘🤘🤘

  3. What was the insulation guys reaction to all your plants? haha
    Also I'm curious as to how you are able to grow more than the 6 they allow?

  4. Love your videos and your grows brother..
    Was hoping you could help me out..
    How early in plants life can I start using it..
    Thanks brother..

  5. Hey growmie! Just wondering what you think about fish fertilizer. I hear lots of good shit about it but want to hear what you think. Thanks bro

  6. Dirty Glove growers in Michigan follow me on fb I give you two thumbs up much love for the art And keep up the good work

  7. I have a growmie question. This is my first year growing. I have found little green worms on my leaves and grasshoppers and all sorts of critters that keep eating my leaves. Just the leaves. I havent noticed any soil pests. Will the Safer Brand Caterpillar spray work to keep all the bugs nibbling away?

  8. Beatiful to see ya working with so much love for yr ladies! They have sacred spirits 4 sure i see mine also as my relatives. My unusual tip for you. Try work with 'Nicotinia Rustica' sacred grandfather tobacco to protect and boost your girls. Tobacco plants have lot of benefits. In the netherlands we are semi-allowed to have 4 plants. Shoutout to you !from my girliezzz. Peace!😚😎

  9. I'm from Australia so I can't do any of this 👃☝️ but I love watching you grow these amazing plants with passion, great work mate

  10. I've already seen larvae on plants…very early where I'm at, earlier than remember in the past. I have gazillions of moths here and their larvae do the same thing to buds.

  11. Late October is not far off, one day you will be awoken to dismay !!! The Drones will do their task and you will be left looking Stupid in your Mask…! Hey Neighbor…!

  12. Always dropping the knowledge and we are loving it. Such a amazing garden. Nice sexy ladies better watching Kalis plants as opposed to xhamster or something.

  13. Glad to hear your going with closed cell spray foam for what you are using it for it'll work great as long as the guy has his heat and air on point you will know if it's off cause the foam will have a crystaly look to it witch means it has to much iso my company sprays open and closed cell we also do airkrete insulation witch is hands down the best for insulation only down fall is it has zero structure to it but great choice you won't regret it !! Plants are looking awesome you and I where neck and neck but after this video your plants definitely are looking bigger then mine , I need to step this shit up !!!! Much love from Michigan

  14. do you ever deal with spider mites ? and if so what methods do you use to prevent them and or eliminate them

  15. What are you using to secure your cages to the ground ? Also how are you securing your inner cages ?

  16. Just checked into the channel for the first time Ina while your plants are getting huge! I watched your vids on how to get outdoor plants bushy a few months ago and I have it a shot and I got myself a nice round bush myself just a expierement this year but next year I def wanna go all out like you outdoors ! Very inspirational! Keep up the good work.

  17. Hey an it's July and I just topped my plants I'm a first time grower I'm just wanna know if I'm doing good

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