The 2019 Garden Of Weeden – 8ft Tall And 8ft Wide Cannabis Plant!!! – July 26th

It’s been one hell of a season for all of us this year. Some of us have had some ups and downs to say the least that’s for sure. What matters most though at the …


  1. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this intro Cracked me up ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. I have a question for you man i want to see what you think..i ran out of veg nutrients so i picked up some then lost them so i waited a few days to see if they turned up..they didnt so just today i said fuk it ill go 1/4 strength of bloom its better than nothing. My plants are around two weeks in just as i was cleaning up after feeding my friend turned up wit the veg nutrients…fuckin typical.would it be ok in a few days to feed them the veg agin for a week or 2.cheers in advance

  3. If u wanna remain private watch reflection in glasses. Girlfriend don’t wanna be famous. Garden looks great by way. Even after hickups in beginning. We live and learn

  4. Spain in ya place …..they made it public that the law will be changed in the UK with in five years …
    Their going to follow the Canadian model ……greed weed

  5. Beautiful is a word that comes to Mind when I hit play & start watching your Video's. I was curious, @4:28 is that a real tree in the background or a fake tree/cell tower? Thanks again for the Tour.

  6. BRO………….man wish I had your time, awesome clean up 👍where I am right now… behind on😢 that pop by see Nono's girls got some gooders, your "the peoples champ" Arkells do a song CND EH….cheers mang unreal as usual, be back ASAP chow mang👍💪❤❤💀🔥👊

  7. Very interested in the outcome regarding the L.A. Confidential. This is a low yielding strain like HP 13 or Pure Kush. But man look at those enormous fan leaves! This is by far the biggest L.A.C. I've ever seen. And it hasn't even flowered yet. Good job dude.

  8. Right on buddy. Looking good.
    I made the switch to organic on my channel.
    I top dress with harvest farm.
    I have been adding about 1 tablespoon per 2 gallons of medium of 0-13-1 bat guano as I’m starting to flower. Is this a good amount brother?

  9. What's up Kali…? Lookin sweet. I appreciate the time you spend on all the details. I think we are sorta neighbors….which is super cool cuz we got the same weather. Keep up the great grow.

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  11. Very nice can't wait until my grow logs can look as good! I have GG4 going in Northern Michigan Yooper rep'n

  12. so ive noticed that outdoor grown plants turn a dark green where as indoor plants have a thin light green aspect………… is that why your plants are huge att 3 months???? i have a grow going indoors and in 3 months mt plants are super bushy but only around 2.5 feet from base to top 🙁 should i quit?

  13. Squatty by nature (naughty by nature)and big ass skinny chick leg (describing the potential buds) were two laugh out loud moments. It's that organic mouthpiece swag. Yeeeeee. Great video. Thanks growmie!

  14. Wow absolutely amazing on these bro they have really been blowing up really huge in the past month man! It is awesome to see! Growmies Unite! By the way the cameras on point!

  15. Platinum D is a healthy strong girl!! Looks beautiful !! ❤ it !! White Widow too!! 👍!! They all look Killer Brotha!! 🔥💨💨

  16. Hey if anyone can help me this is my first year growing and i have a issue my plants i just posted a vid showing it i have no idea what it is

  17. Dude my gardens finally kicking off stoked got some lemon God skunk some black garlic and some other sticky mystery strains

  18. been watchin your girls since day 1 .. makes me want to grow outside. looks great and thank you for your vids!

  19. It's hard to believe that we live in a world where if I put that seed in the ground where I live…then they will take my house my land my kids and put me in prison. It's so hard to believe that we live in a world like that. The time for change was yesterday. But I guess I will be patient.

  20. Man, I love your videos. ty so much for taking the time to help us growmies. I am una ble to find mung beans with the husks. any suggestions. have a great day

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