1. Hi, new to growing marijuana m-kay. I dig the Iron Maiden Killers hoodie, but I don't understand why you where the mask. It brings a cheesiness to the video. Again new to this so I apologize if I step on somebodies toes. Thanks.

  2. Do you remember a few years ago probably 5 or 10 years ago there was a guy that made weed growing videos that played the character of the Joker I think his channel was called Joker Growers it was awesome

  3. Kali a proud papa today.as well as he should be.Made it through another year to that finish line!Congrats to you Kali on a season well done!!

  4. Was it pretty tasty,strawnanna sounds good, i smoked this one time from the club ,it was way good,it might have been just bananna by its self,i dnt remember

  5. Lol bro I bet all that weed stinks up the whole block!!! You defiantly are a dope grower. Glad you can have your heaven now. Enjoy while you can.

  6. Брат скажи как вырастить такой огромный куст в кратце расскажи чувак? Сорт, метод или все же климат колифорнии делает свое?

  7. It would be cool to have a cannabis plant in the yard but Im only allowed to grow tropical fruit here in south Florida.

  8. So when do you start your outdoor crops and when is usual harvest time in manitoba canada from time they turn to frost hitting is to short only achieve popcorn outdoors

  9. I'm here put me on the tripod I'm here alright let's get blazed in we'll see what am I smoking today I'm smoking Barry Hines Crush my best friend passed away and he gave me the seeds to start on the berry hunt on the Kush so I took a Grape Ape and a lemon kush and put it together and it came out Barry Hines so it's my Barry Hines Kush he's passed away but I named it after my best friend and it's what I'm smoking today Barry Hines can give me let's see what kind of high I get Watching You the ganja God how many followers do you have and how many years have you been with this blog I would say two seasons and what happened to the first season they're deleted or how do I get to the first season or is there a first season I'm interested rock on drink water Cali Buds 420 Shoei 6663 out wait a minute the reason why I'm catching on these videos is when you're doing the video you're teaching all of us how to do it well I was out there doing it so I'm catching the videos now then I'm all done doing it and I'm catching up on videos that you done to 3 months ago okay rock on I wish I could take a picture of my hand and send it to you and show you how messed up oil does to your hand I was trying to get something cooking on the stove it was a corn dog cooking on the stove and I turn it up too hot which it made splatter splatter over the sides but it wasn't pouring out of it was splattering I tried to make it out the back door one two steps in the oil on the floor chords of splattering everywhere and I fell forward slip forward and my kitchens now on fire my hands on fire my legs on fire and this all happened within 4 seconds of when the fire started when I tried to go outside cuz I I didn't make it I can barely make a full fist with my left hand that's that's how bad cooking oil I'm still trying to find you your episode of when this all happened how it happened I guess I guess I missed it somehow I don't know I'll find it I'll find it maybe it was just me a minute that you said it and that was the end of it but okay I'll look😎

  10. That was a beast man. how do you deal with light at night? It obvious that neighbor lights or street lights dont affect your flowering cycle. I'm concerned because my spot for next year's grow has massive amounts of sun but it is also bathing in street lights at night.

  11. Are you in nor, cen or so cal? I'm in the bay area half the time working, other half I'm down by the naval base in central cal. Would be cool to talk plants and dirt, maybe trade a couple nugs possibly one day.

  12. Yeahhhhhhhhh alriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight nice very nice great video my friend great grow good works bless up nuff respect cheers and growers luv

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