Teens hospitalized after vaping | What happened?..

14 teenagers are hospitalized after “Vaping” – However, looking a bit deeper into these articles, there may be some underlying …


  1. Well its funny cause its on a black market
    What do they expect …. but i have a severe asma chest and ive been vaping even up to 35mg nicotine and my chest and lungs feel perfectly fine i love vaping and yea nothing of couphing or any symtons have shown up not even an asthma attack im perfectly fine

  2. Dont worry, no one gives a fuck what these prehistoric politicians think, Anyone with an ounce of common Sense would see "purchased certain items off the black market" and understand how this all went down, but they just see it as a easy excuse to bash vaping, I have been vaping for 3 years and quit smoking through the aid of my vape, and they say "these candy flavors temps children" no the horrific parenting temps children, I'm an adult and I love milk & cereal, sour apple, strawberry kiwi, adults enjoy flavors, and just cause some retarded fucks correlate candy with children it's all of a sudden targeted towards kids? Isn't alcohol also a LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH, to underaged drinkers crashing vehicles and doing crazy shit and dying? Nah nah nah that's perfectly cool tho, the world makes no sense at all, all the higher up people need to be lined up and shot, and replaced with people that have common sense and an IQ above 15

  3. Im a heavy vaper just like i was a heavy smoker..yet i breathe better and can do more and i only vape a 3ml juice

  4. People read this shit and eat it up, but what about that subreddit that’s full of people that switched saying “yeah I’ve been vaping for x years and my lungs are fine/have improved”.

    Like have any of these people actually experienced secondhand smoke in their lives?

  5. It safe to say, that those teens did NOT use safe DashVape products. ;D ;D
    The next news flash will be, "Teens vaped crack/heroin and are passing out left and right!!" Well yeah they do. xD

  6. WTF is wrong with people who are against vaping!? I mean, they should raise their voices to stop the totally harmful cigarettes, before rising against vaping. WTF are they saying, vaping bad and cigarettes good!?! Fuck them assholes 😠😬. Bro, I'm with you. Don't stop! 👍

  7. My freind is hospitalized for vaping he has black dots on his lung and has bad lung damage from juuling so did 5 other peaple in my city

  8. Hey dashvapes you guys should do a video on the story of a kid whose lung collapsed after vaping. I feel like it needs a deeper look and your videos are always super informative and excellent!

  9. My doctor says my lungs are fine. Blood work shows I’m better then 90% of people out there.. please don’t buy from black market vendors. At least find a source that can sell the real thing, like a vape shop or gas station.. my cough has improved since I moved to Juuling also so my prayers to that kid hope he recovers quickly. But I don’t think JUUL caused this or vaping did. Thanks for the info @DashVapes.

  10. The only bad effects of vaping for me, is I get acne when I inhale the smoke. So I don't inhale anymore! 🤷‍♂️
    Edit: This whole research is like the one for lifting weight at young age. "It will stunt your growth if you lift weights under 18" while im living proof this is all bullshit!
    I started lifting at 14, 5.3 now I am 18, 6.3.🤷‍♂️

  11. i use to smoke cigarette but now 3months vaping i have NO PROBLEM, Fuck The Black Market making others like me VAPING more BAD, 😡😡😡

  12. I don’t believe this they were probably on something else.i have been vaping for a long time I haven’t had any problems breathing.

  13. So I caught wind of an article about one of these teens, a guy from florida named Chance Ammirata, now based on what he's said, he's only been using a juul and nothing else, doesn't mention smoking at all, his lung collapsed and I believe the article even mentioned having a hole in his lung.
    To be honest this is the first article that has been truly compelling, I've been vaping on a box mod for a while, never touched a juul, I can't help but wonder if this is something specifically related to the juul pods and not your average vape setup. I'm not really sure but I am concerned, would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  14. The amount of comments that don't get that this story is about kids buying black market THC carts with god knows what leftover solvents still in them, yet the media is using it for anti ecig is kinda sad. As is big tobacco purchase of the American Lung Association.

  15. See this is why teenagers should not be vaping. Its only intended for adults who are trying to quite smoking and doing drugs. Now these kids probably vaped way too much all day and they also smoked weed. Thats why they had to go to the hospital. I know vaping is still bad but its not nearly as bad as smoking. And since vaping can also be bad, everyone should try not to do it so much. Everything in moderation is good for you and too much of anything can be really bad. Thats why you should only vape at least once or a twice a day for 10 minutes, in my opinion thats not overdoing it. Just don't vape too much

  16. A vape fluid that I got addicted to was a synthetic THC fluid that I didn’t know was synthetic
    If anyone needs to know about it
    It’s called Kronic Juice
    I always recommend against it to anyone who asks
    You can order it from the USA to anywhere in the world.

  17. Well honestly speaking back in the days kids used to smoke their dads cigarettes(that’s not good) but they are kids they’ll do what they see everyone doing,I’ll admit I have vaped before when I was younger,(still do) 0 nic I was completely fine but these stupid ass kids got thc,off the black market why in the world would you do it in a black market out of all places

  18. It sounds like an isolated incident so they were all probably getting some bad shit from the same source. Like laced weed off the streets, they probably got some kind of laced juice from a scumbag trying to make a quick buck

  19. Here in Straya we had to pay $80 dollars for a pouch of tobacco, you bet the government and big smoke companies hate vaping. Been vaping for a month now after smoking since I was 15 in the 70s, I will never go back to smokes.

  20. The kids may have been smoking something else, but thought it was thc instead, like test chemicals for weed instead

  21. Whatever the government wants to control and/or ban, they will. Much like government funded "research" on marijuana from decades ago (the likely basis of the movie, "Reefer Madness"). The ridiculous statements have led to a serious lack of confidence in government studies.
    That being said, I would like to see credible research done on the ecigarette/vaping products and all the ingredients in the juices.

  22. Im 19, i started vaping at 16. Ive never vaped anything other than nicotine e-liquid sold out of legit stores, and ive never really had any problems. However it was stupid that i started and i plan on quitting before i get too addicted.

    I do get chest pains and it does get hard to breath a lot, but i knew what i was getting into when i started. But ive never felt the need to be hospitalized.

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