1. Old school anime fan here if it's ok to say… heard about the whole Netflix fiasco. Honestly it really saddens me to see just how little respect VAs get in anime and video games (alyson court the orginal VA of Claire in resident evil 2 also got the short end of the stick in RE-remake ).

    for me, your performance as Rei Ayanami was one of the more delicate and nuanced performances I'd ever seen in anime, and left a real lasting impression that few voice works do, especially today.

    I kind of feel the entire dub itself helped elevated the medium for japanese animation to the west as being able to tell adult and complex stories…. at the time, it really blew my mind away…

    EVA and cowboy bebop for me put anime in the West on the map….. and the performances played a huge role in that…

    ..for such a legacy that you guys left it saddens and disgusts me to see how poorly you, spike, tiffany and the orginal cast are being treated…. your performances in EVA pretty much was the gateway into anime for me as a teen and many people during the whole anime boom in the mid to late 90s and made me appreciate the medium as more than just japanese cartoons… why Netflix won't even give the option to hear the orginal dub is maddening beyond belief.. it would just feel like it's taking something essential out of the show…..

    Even with the orginal show standing on its own…. voice work is also art in and of itself and helps convey the drama on-screen.. and leaves a interpretation that can connect with the viewer on a personal level…

    And if i maybe bold, dubbing before EVA really wasn't taken that seriously and just seen as simple workmanlike translation… at the time of its western release the voice work of Eva really broke new grounds and for me paved the way in how translators took dubbing seriously…. if it wernt for Eva's dub I can't imagine what dubbing would be like now..

    Just taking that away feels like they are taking away history…..

    Anyway hope I didn't post on the wrong channel incase you wanted to keep the va stuff seperate (will delete if you want me too) but yea just wanted to voice support for you guys as I don't use Twitter…. Sorry for getting abit wax poetic but tldr I am just really sorry to hear you guys getting kind of kicked into the long grass on this… the orginal voice work is as much a integral part of the shows exposure as the show itself….

    I think for many of us the orginal interpretation will always be the closest and most faithful adaptation of Hideaki Anno's work…..

  2. You used to be cool as Rei Ayanami and I'm all for marijuana being legal, but this video was full of cringe, like Bob Hope playing The Fonz. I mean no offense or personal affront to you, but this is not your finest hour. Also, I love alcohol and cannabis equally. Ain't nothing better for a weekend party than weed edibles and a bottle of Jameson whiskey!

  3. 'Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in the UK, with limited availability for medical use, the United Kingdom is the world's largest exporter of legal cannabis'.

    Hmm.. interesting…

  4. Thanks for the lesson weed mom. To think that there were laws founded without justice that impacted the entire country is spooky.

  5. Great video internet mom! Your cannabis saga of videos has made me eliminate a lot of negative conceptions I had about weed.
    Although there is a part of this video where you refear to Mexicans and other hispanic people living in Mexico as South Americans, Mexico is in reality part of North America, so in this video's context it would be more correct to call them latin americans.
    Keep up the good work internet mom!

  6. Yay I missed your videos ! And happy Women's day Amanda ! Sending lots of love! ♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊🤗🤗🤗

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