1. Cannabis has a long road ahead to erase stigma and be normalized like alcohol. As a non drinker all I hear is MORE booze and beer being available longer hours and more places. MEET BEER stores going up all over and they are disgusting to look at. We do so much to glamorize alcohol with LCBO magazines and fancy named coolers but are terrified of branding cannabis because they say it affects youth! Yet we dont protect them from alcohol marketing. The hypocrisy and unavailability of Cannabis after legalization has just created a stronger 'Free Market". 5 Cannabis stores in Toronto, an online store that is constantly in short supply but booze at every corner till wee hours of dawn. Fake Legalization another Trudeau fail and a prime example of Government tyranny. Peaceful private dispensaries are still being taken down with tax $$ while Govt. shops cant keep up with demand. Insanity!

  2. More proof that Trudeau can't even legalise something properly. In Trudeau's world the masses can't be trusted to do anything without being contained by government and having their industry taxed to the hilt.

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