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MERRY JANE 1. Criminals Have Weaponized Synthetic Cannabinoids: Synthetic cannabinoids like K2 and Spice are disgusting …


  1. Over 60% of Americans support legalization of marijuana, and I am. But I don't think synthetic marijuana is safe.

  2. I stopped fucking with tree…it just makes me paranoid….it was fun in my late teens…I dont know what happend.

  3. Spice is fucking young people over here in Sweden because it's used when individuals want to beat drug tests….

  4. I started smoking cbd hemp flower completely legal because it's below 0.03% thc it still has thc in it but it's mostly cbd the strains are usually anywhere between 10 to 25 sometimes even 30 or higher precent cbd with about 3 milligrams or less of thc really good for relaxing and helping with any type of pain or anxiety plus with it being legal in all 50 states you can buy it online and have it shipped to you in the mail from websites like or I'd highly recommend people to try it

  5. Microdosing is great, it just boosts your whole day. Not enough to feel trippy or nervous, but just to get you more creative and tuned in. I find myself just in a really good mood and with a lot more energy, more willing to break bad habits and try new things.

    I've had some of the best workouts of my life while tripping, so microdosing could probably help a little too

  6. Man I hadn't smoked in 3 years but today I smoked and I see why I stopped it took me literally 6 hours to come back to earth 🤣🤣🤣 never again!

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