1. To be fair, due to the fact that sv3rige in completely incapable of digesting anything but raw animal flesh and dairy, he must live this way. Additionally, others have found themselves in this predicament as well after living a vegan lifestyle for some years. His passion for "educating" people on nutrition is simply his way of expressing gratitude for his newfound health, in an attempt to affect others positively with regards to their physical and mental health. He does not support the enslavement of animals through industrial farming methods. Granted, the animals that are on open pastures are still "enslaved" to the most minute degree possible, but if the animal was truly free, it would be killed by disease or other animals. I know vegans argue that morally we should not kill other animals, but to me it doesn't make sense why we would just force ourselves to only eat plants and fruits and let nature just play out in the background, completely removing ourselves from it. What sense does that make?

  2. Enough of these sewage vids. He is so stupid and speaks like he's stoned out of his mind that I can't listen to any vid featuring him. Sorry.

  3. Being pale means almost nothing in the UK. 2019 was the first summer in a long time that was actually often sunny in the UK most days the consecutive streak of sun days in my town has lasted over a month, unheard of since 2005, but now we have rain and cloud again. Usually it's mostly cloudy year round. In 2018 my town only say 17 sunny days in the whole year and only 3 were consecuitive. It's so common to be pale here my Aunty who is Asian has gotten paler than normal just by living here long enough, even in the summer she has to use foundation 2 shades paler than she did 5 years ago. She's not Vegan either, she's still making all the recipies she made before she moved here which makes her the perfect example of how Environment affects skin tone as a factor entirely seperate to diet.

  4. Watching Sveridge reminds me of this quote: 'Arguing with an idiot is like playing chess with a pigeon, even if you win, it will still sh*t on the board and strut around like it's won anyway!'
    Looking at you Hench and then looking at Sveridge (stupid pigeon), I can't help thinking that you are looking much healthier than him. He actually gives me the creeps. Nice video!

  5. im pale and ginger. im also a new vegan. im not pale from veganism i am because of my genes lol. hes a white guy. some people are paler than others lol

  6. Everyone has different skin, I have very pale/fair skin which doesn’t tan! So I guess every person with fair skin is severely sick and anemic! 😆😆🙄

  7. Sv3rige was a Vegan himself, the only reason he is Hating veganism so much is becouse the promotion of veganism is being pushed by the government to succeed in their agenda of banning meat becouse of "animal rights".
    Now I understand you guys, sv3rige has some seriously controversioul statemens. But he has some highly Phylosophycal and deep topics on his channel that are triggering to the majority of people, including me.

    Don't judge a book by it's cover tho, sv3rige goes into extremes but look into it yourself, watch his videos, You're gonna be emotionally triggered garantued, but the stuff the guy says makes sense.
    That's it Don't get me wrong, We all want to be healthy and happy, but what if suddenly just as an example eating rotten meat and drinking blood WAA healthy, not saying it is, but what if?

    Could we even accept that becouse of all the brainwashing we were told otherwise?
    Look into everything yourself and use your human brains to decide what's true/false …

    I really hope I got to any open minded people here, sometimes you have to be willing to aay you were wrong about certain things, and that could be pretty hard for the ego.

    People on sv3riges channel support him, and on Vegan channels support them. There's no point about it.
    You gonna need to dig deeper than some youtubers to find truth.
    Not really a sv3rige fan, But I never saw anyone going deeper into a topic about why Veganism is bad or why raw meat is good.
    And he is talking about Good Organic meat, not supermaket antibiotic meat.

    Look into it yourself, but some things could be crushing your beliefs…

    Stay tuned

  8. Sewage and his group reminds me of then Dwight from the office had interviewed all his friends 😂😂😂

  9. uffff man…… This guy is a pretzel of stupidity. Thanks Hench for the sharp critique and good laugh!

  10. Funny you mentioned something goes along the lines of cats hunting small animals because my cat crepe never hunts. And yeah, she's a partially blind rescue.

  11. I take it that he believes that we should not have any morals. So in his little pea brain he thinks we should be able to do whatever we want to fellow beings, whether they are human or animal. He must think it is okay to murder, rape and steal. He must also condone pedophilia. Ed Winters is such a well spoken person. I could listen to him all day. This punk Sv3rige, couldn't hold a candle to Ed.

  12. As a person who eats meat….cooked anyway not raw like sverige over here….i am supporting vegans……and say sverige is nuts……he wants all humans to go back to cannibalism……..i may say I eat meat but vegies at least at the side….

  13. Paul! I got you an amazing video that will make you laugh even harder then u ever did. At least i did. Please comment on this trol i could see that becoming the best in this series for sure! Keep up the amazing content, much love!
    "Frank Tufano – Game Changers Vegan Agenda"

  14. I appreciate your thoughtful video. I get so tired of people bashing vegans and talking bollocks. I’m respectful of other people when they eat meat even though it makes me sad because of the poor animals and the carnivores that will be plagued by bad health. Thank you! You make me feel better about being in this world.

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