Surgeon General: "No such thing as Medical Marijuana"

In states like Colorado, where marijuana is legal, Surgeon General Jerome Adams says the potency of today’s marijuana may be a detriment to business …


  1. "No such thing as medical marijuana". Yet there are thousands of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs out their which are often doing more harm than good.

  2. This man must be from the Trump Administration because he has done no research before he spoke! Go read all the science starting 80 years ago with the LaGuardia Commission and then read every credible study since then. Cannabis has been used as medicine for the last 3,000 years!!! It wasn’t until a little-Dick racist named Anslinger began a campaign of lies and misinformation to justify his own employment in the US Treasury Dept.!

  3. “Medical Opium” is and has been the crisis, not marijuana. This speech sounds like it was written last minute with no sources. Attitudes are changing because citizens are exhausted by addictive narcotics as “the best pain reliever”. The medical officials in charge are paid their hush money to suppress bills proposed to open testing and research, then lawmakers state they can’t legalize or decriminalize personal use because there isn’t enough research! Even FOX News is on board at this point. Are they waiting for a Big Pharma Boycott, or a few more overdose victims??

  4. I love hearing people wine as I smoke my concentrates lol waahhhhhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. Facts speak for them selves government death tolls due to man made substances have killed more people than Hitler……cannabis-0 deaths how can someone look past that they are either stupid or blind or maybe both

  6. So simply avoid placing MM dispensaries near high risk low income communities. Problem §olved. Death of Afroid Communities Liquor Stores Illicit Drugs Churhes…

  7. I'm guessing that the Native American medicines didn't cure them of all the things they said it did too

  8. Its funny he talks about how there's no medical marijuana but then makes a comment that there's medical components to parts of the marijuana plant? Make – up your mind…does it have medical properties or not? Is it medicinal or not? It makes me wonder how many pharmaceutical companies are paying his wages to say what he is saying about medical marijuana?
    He talks about in California there's about 20% of pregnant women pregnant using marijuana. How many women are pregnant and using pharmaceuticals? How many pregnant women are using cocaine, crack, or meth? How many women use alcohol while pregnant?

    He talks about there's a liquor store and tobacco shop on every corner in the black communities so he doesn't want that to happen with marijuana stores…the reality of is rent and/or the buildings are cheaper in the ghetto so yes certain companies are going to buy up the "cheap" real estate for their companies. If there wasn't a business opportunity then there wouldn't be a business, but it's apparently the shop owner's fault that black people cannot make a decision on their own. Nobody is making them go buy that liquor, cigarette, or marijuana; they are doing it on their own "CHOICES!!"
    As for more black people being arrested than white people which is true but if you make marijuana legal than those same black people will get there jail/prison sentences expunged…it's happening in every state where marijuana has been made legal, so far.
    I think this surgeon general needs some education on marijuana, capitalism, how our government works, etc., how did this guy get the job…oh yeah, POTUS Trump appointed him….he's probably never even been a doctor or has a medical degree!!! He needs to use way more information to persuade me from wanting my marijuana made legal!!!!

  9. He just had to play the victim racist card. BS. If 4 times the number of black men get arrested for pot use than whites, it's because they use it 4 times as much or they have an encounter with the law and pot is found. I'm so disappointed this guy isn't wiser and educated on this issue. Black men simply commit more crime. Larry Elder (he's black, look him up) makes the case that lack of fathers in the home is responsible. Other influential make the same argument backed by statistics. I just lost respect for the surgeon general that he is swept up in emotion, not facts. He will never be able to help those black men by assigning wrong causes. And it is not something that he should even being addressing as SG as it's not his hat.

  10. Wow, so many morons watched this video and decided they know more than the surgeon general, from internet "research". Probably don't even know what research bias or even research means. Such a wide variety of armchair professionals.

  11. It used to be, that people who had a tongue that was too large, didn't make it all the way to the top.

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