Supplement Traceability Right to the Source [Farm to Supplement] | Nutrilite

Have you heard of supplement traceability? At Nutrilite, our supplement traceability goes deeper than the industry standard. We require a holistic understanding …


  1. Is collagen in nutrilite plant based ? If not what? Please .have client asking ,she only eats fish with scale .?

  2. Question: in your description text you say "purest water". That you water your plants with the purest water. What does that mean exactly? Can you please elaborate. Im very intrigued and might spread the news on your products! I have been looking for retracable super clean supplements

  3. Sounds great! Speaking of doing the "Right thing" for over 80 years, let's Bring Back the Previous Bigger Better Formulation of DOUBLE X in America. We don't change because a few not-smart people complain it's too big, etc. We don't change to make it more affordable for people who don't understand Value of Optimal Health. We definitely don't change what Works! The newer smaller cheaper Double X does Not have the same potency and powerful concentrated vitamin and mineral amounts of its predecessor. People who became used to the prior Double X in America Can Feel the difference! At least make the previous Bigger Better Double X available again. We don't care if higher price! Call it "Double X Performance". We IBOs and our clients DEMAND Highest QUALITY and EFFECTIVENESS. Thank You for keeping Rich and Jay and Sam's Legacy and Traditions of Excellence by Bringing Back Our Bigger Better DOUBLE X.

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