1. So it looks like hemp-hash Is the company to go with.they are all out this tutti frutti strain for now.can anyone recommend a good strain to try?also they have 3 levels of quality and price range,how much do they differ?I'd like to try the cheaper stuff but my brain says you get what you pay for

  2. Hemphash have done it again. No need to look at other companies, u can’t go wrong with any of the strains from their site. Another awesome review. 4/20 for 1000 subs

  3. Great review , your eyes were almost shut near the end 🤣
    You look happy and content just what a good strain should do

  4. This looks truly phenomenal. Can't wait to try! :O
    Hemphash are really my favourite company!
    You should try there Lemon Pollen. Easily the strongest effect I have had from a CBD product. My pain melted away and genuinely made me just wanna sleep! Top quality stuff!

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