1. Wtf we suppose to do in the winter if we live somewhere it get cold asf or snow??? 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. I quit them opiods I started working out in the a.m and sun gazed and also meditate on the grass while in the sun. Feels good bro

  3. God next time you sun gaze, stand barefoot in the soil.(ground yourself) It gives you that full connection. You can feel it throughout your entire body.

  4. I’m in CT, summer time is when I get the sun. Yesterday was a gloomy day and I felt sad 😢 I was at work crying at my desk. I can think of reasons but I don’t know if those were the reasons. I went on break and the sun was out and my energy changed. I just want to be happy and not let bad energy get to me.

  5. This black lady just knocked on my car window and told me i was depressed but i am not. I guess she thinks everyone that is rich is depressed. I actually never was but i was anxious when i was 14 but started eating healthy by 16 and i am 17

  6. What's crazy is, the sunset here today at 838 PM at 0 Uv and then this popped up on my recommended. Wild.

  7. This nigga said become a god in his title lol that’s impossible its only one god you dumb ass nigga

  8. Just coming back from the warning video, I just want to say, thank you so much for the tutorial.

  9. He sold his soul, don't trust him blind. Ofcourse he is sayin some realshit in his videos, but we aren't gods, we won't get to a ,,whole another level" on this planet. We live in the Matrix and we can't escape it in this life. The only saviour is the holy ghost Brothers. He is just another person to hide you from the truth. That our planet is runned by the Satan and we live in the endtime. This is why he said ,,we already living in hell" almost every human got a real demon inside, but almost everyone doesn't know it. Meditating isn't something wrong, but don't forget to ask our Saviour for forgiveness. Amen

  10. @SPIRITUAL so I know this is a long shot. Awhile back I would randomly take some deep breaths glance at the sun and then close my eyes while my kids enjoyed playing. So what I wanna know was that finding myself? Or my third eye opening itself? I didn't know there was such a thing as sun glazing. I love this and what you've been sharing. I hope you're able to answer and if not thats okay too. Stay blessed.💛

  11. I'm a baby boomer,. I was told not to stare at the sun….now that I'm more enlightened I know that I was lied to….. thanks for your guidance….☀️☀️☀️

  12. So when your not busy check out my recent sun gazing video and look at how the sun sets up with my room Heeeeee! Them beams be beaming, stay woke my brother.

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