Sun and Sand (type) Cold Process Oat Milk soap with Mica Lines | Soy and Shea

Such a simple design but I some how made the biggest mess while creating this super cute soap. Thank you for watching #soyandshea #soapdesign …


  1. Such a pretty beach soap! 😍 The top looks just like the water coming on shore! 🌊

  2. If you dusted the feet with mica or made a thin mica stamp like paste or a shimmer would make them stand out more, absolutely love watching your videos your very talented 🌹

  3. Awesome!!! I think this one may be one of my favorites, among many 😉 I have seen many many ocean types of soaps and I have to say yours has outdone all of them, including mine. I absolutely love how the waves come up on the beach. Have never seen anything like that look. Good that you went back to clear out the first footprints, because it reminds me more of the flat wet part of the beach where the waves smooth out the sand. Makes me think that I am there right now. ( I wholeheartedly agree with you on E-bay. Gave them up a long time ago. Too much of a hassle. couldn't take it anymore. ) Keeley every time I think your imagination has outdone itself, you come back and surprise me further. Somehow it seems to be simple, but being a fellow soaper and watching I know it wasn't. Well worth the trouble, though. Thanks ever so much for sharing 🙂

  4. I had to report an Amazon seller for harassment, I had ordered a camcorder and the audio was horrible. I returned it and left feedback, they sent me a dozen emails asking and even instructions on how to change the feedback, they tried to bribe me with a full refund and a better camera (they said) if I would remove or change my feedback.

  5. I love it! The footprints are adorable and the wave looks just like the beach. Well done ❤🧼

  6. I’ve soaped with oat milk, it’s luscious in soap but does seem to speed up trace. Well worth it though. Your soap is beautiful ❤️

  7. I think this soap is very impressive, I live on the beach and this looks pretty much what I see on many days. Beautiful
    You so lucky compared too Tasmania our minimum time for 99% of deliveries starts at 2 weeks anything up to 2 months. But I agree so many of the things I've ordered that appear to be Australian are only Aust reps for over seas Companies. I sent a similar feedback on a product but if I was aware I would have worked around that product as as I didn't change my feedback they have put a block on ordering from their Company altogether as I explained I would be wanting more but I would order much earlier than when wanted.
    If the footprint stamp is rubber you could cut down around the footprint on the stamp so it sits higher

  8. Love this design it's so fun. I feel you're pain with Ebay. Theres lots of sellers in Britain that claim to have British selling pages and when you buy off them you have a 3-8week wait for your product. It's so frustrating.

  9. Ebay is so hit and miss. I've found if I order from Hong Kong (rather than a drop shipper), my orders are always exactly what I ordered and I have no expectations on delivery time 🙂 The foot prints are awesome and the soap is fantastic 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful soap!!! You have managed to capture bits of innocence, beauty, chaos and elegance into this magnificent piece of soap art. I was amazed at how you expertly managed to get the 'waves and foam on the sand' effect by simply swirling in the white with those wonderful shades of blue… All that tedious work and your naturally sharp eye for elegance really paid off in the end, didn't it?.👌👏👏👏. Thanks, for sharing your artistic ideas. God bless!!!

  11. Lovely soap! I love this fragrance. I live in the western USA, in Idaho. No oceans here but we live in a desert so that's the direction I went. It stayed very fluid for me. I think I did an in the pot swirl, frosted the top, ala Katie from Royalty soap and put a cactus embed on top. Very popular and it really evokes the scent of the shore.

  12. The tiny footprints are adorable! I love this soap! I rarely even look on eBay anymore b/c of harassing emails. After 10 emails titled ACTION REQUIRED requesting feedback even after I told them to stop was ridiculous so I left them the feedback…but it wasn't good. So of course they asked me to change it and offered me a refund to do so. After that I was done b/c obviously no one is monitoring what's going on any more.

    The soap came out really nice!
    I Do Not like E-Bay either or Paypal. Just go to your e-mail and BLOCK the merchant who is harassing you. I had to block someone on my e-mail AND my phone. So they got the message then that I was through with them.

  14. Hah I have the same stamps and they did take forever to arrive. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet and I doubt I will. Not terribly 8mpressed with them. I have since purchased an acrylic foot stamp from Soap Bee in Malaysia which I love better.

  15. I love the colors for the water and the mica lines are wonderful. Sorry about the Ebay experience. I know just what you are talking about.

  16. I'm so glad you were able to get the foot prints to work, it was a great idea! Your waves really do look awesome and thank you for the tip on how to fix those pesky holes. 🙂 Sorry you had such an awful experience with ebay. It makes me mad that they are harassing you. Do they really think they deserve a good review after that??

  17. I know what you mean they expect you to five star everything and they will harrass you to change it then next thing you know they block you from ordering from them for everything they sell they rip you off

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