Summer Favorites | Non-Toxic Makeup & Skincare, CBD Oil, Paleo Goodies, & More

In today’s video, I talk about 5 of my current favorite things! Links: Siete Grain Free Chips: Get $30 off your first …


    Siete Grain Free Chips & Dairy Free Queso – 1:44
    Butcher Box Grass-Fed & Free Range Meat – 5:08
    Aleavia Plant Based Prebiotic Skin Care – 7:12
    Beautycounter, Safer, Non-toxic Makeup – 10:50
    Ned Full Spectrum Hemp (CBD) – 14:40

  2. How do you know what milligrams to get for hemp oil? I'm looking into hemp for my anxiety and looking at Ned full spectrum website.

  3. Congratulations on reaching 10K subscribers!!! I must have missed a beat! Thanks for everything you do…thanks for being YOU!

  4. I really enjoy hearing about the products that you use and would like more blogs about it! I appreciate the time you take to vlog and hope you will continue!

  5. Great video! I was curious what your opinion is on Dr Bronners Castile soap? That’s what I currently use for body wash.

  6. Mandy, you are a beautiful woman, but in this video in particular…. Wow. You look amazing! Much love Sister💛

  7. Great video. I love to hear about the favorites. I’ll look into the Hemp Oil as I’ve been experimenting with this for my RA and have wondered about a good quality product. Thanks. You are in my prayers all the time. Glad to see how far you have come.

  8. I love all these products and what they stand for! I’ve been spending the last few years doing research and understanding the importance of quality foods and products. Unfortunately it’s costed me a lot of money (products & getting help), but someone who’s also been going through chronic illness, I got to the point I was desperate to invest in changing my life style. Some things that are difficult for me is that I find all these great products in the US, but I’m in Canada. And US products cost a lot for shipping, exchange rate and duty charges. So I’m curious if the hemp oil has a Canadian website? Or any other CBD oil. That’s one thing I have no knowledge about and I want none of the THC.

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