1. They same chemical is a type of salt in multiple foods alot of people just dont know it eat it daily

  2. exposure to roundup ready glyphosates raises the chance of you getting Cancer by 41% … can we say that? that's fantastic that means you have a little more then half a chance you wont…and just so you know you can get 41% glyphosate concentrate at Walmart for $22.00 they find it in wine, beer, oatmeal, and all kinds of kids cereals and granola bars…Why The Hell Is This Still On The Market!?

  3. welcome to america. poison the people in the name of convenience, lie to the masses, and create new opportunities for oncologists down the road. it's a win/win. where there's the opportunity to make a buck, there's a way.

  4. Bull it is in the food that will kill you. Avoid roundup like death. This Gillespie is way off base…talking out her south end. If you can grow your own food. Second best is to eat non-GMO.

  5. everyone at monsanto and dupont should be publicly hanged
    along with everyone at the (((FDA))) and everyone at the (((advertising agencies))) that promote their poisons ,and everyone in the (((media))) that give them air time

  6. Agenda 21 through corporate media. Go ahead get the flu shot it's safe .. Go ahead eat the glyphosate vegetables,, they're safe… my ass it's safe…

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