1. I must say I love Car & Animal videos because it takes away my depression. And I like to watch you for all your HEALTH INFO

  2. Mr. Jackson, great to hear from you even if it is on YouTube. Love your energy, personality and your all around positive attitude! I will say that you're positive outlook is contagious and I enjoyed coming to class every day! (Former student) Great video, & I look forward to more. Hope you are doing well. 😊

  3. You are my favorite Non-Doctor. I got your book too. You give the best advise. This is the perfect subject for me right now. I'm a mother of 4 daughters, 3 of them have a disability (2 autistic & 1 CerebralPalsy). I try hard to keep my mental intact. If I ain't mentally right everything will go wrong.

  4. Dr. , I have access to a global server network. I will email you so we can get your messages out to more people.

  5. I have found that prayer, also the reading of scriptures can help us remove stress from our life!!!!

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