1. 😂there we go.. I’m just not sure if the ones going around are knock offs .. I mean I get ripped lol but 90 percent thc I should be drooling on the floor up what I mean homie ?

  2. the K2 filled pesticide sticks with a bunch of terps so people cant taste it and be to high off chemicals and not taste them because omg the carts so goood guys its clear omg 20 bucks a cart plug yay stay away from anything that aint sold at clubs

  3. Add me on snapchat if you need any , anywhere in the US , I got legit dank vapes and exotic carts
    SnapChat : PandaPedos
    My business page on Instagram is Cartman_310

  4. Dank Vapes are not good, they came up with 60% THC or Less instead of the percentage written in the box, besides having pesticides and other solvents to cut the oil making it thinner, true oils from organic pesticide free plants come different kinda gold bright but clearer cloudless, not so liquid like Dank Vapes, they dp taste great though but im wondering what else they have in it, possibly some synthetic thc, i admit they do hit hard as well, but is like a K2 Spice kinda hit, that's the thing, so i assume they do put some THC Oil in them (60%) the other 40% must be either terpenes and synthetic cannabinoid.

  5. I went to cali got this one flavor was awesome but did u notice all dank vape carts r more runny than most others like brass knuckles or timeless
    Just saying is this normal?

  6. Aye bro great videos but I’m looking to buy some of these I’m outta Ohio I buy in bulk I pay 25 a pop here I kno there cheaper there trying to get some info or anything

  7. Nice work brother! Just got several Dank Vape carts…love the C cell and the mouth piece …great oil…vaping the Hardcore, Cherry Kush and Banana Og…last night cracked open the Gelato as well….🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥all bomb as hell….

  8. which are the best flavors? i’ve bought king louie and wedding cake but they taste like shit best i’ve had so far was lemon head and fruity pebbles

  9. I deliver dank vapes in and around the la area 35$ for a full g hmu on Instagram if you interested wholesale is also available

  10. Glad you’re enjoying your fake CCELL bro. Should note that CCELL doesn’t manufacture glass tips; only ceramic and plastic clear.

  11. Nigga the whole tank is plastic all the tips are plastic I bought a whole case and I tried to get the wax hot to drop it in a blunt and the tank fucking started burning

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