Strawberry banana cbd vape Cartridge from " CBD FTP "

This is my review of The 500 mg uncut CBD Vape cartridge from ” CBD for the people ” I do not sell this product. I am only giving my honest review of this.


  1. man i jus found yo channel and automatically hit subscribe. keep up the hemp videos brotha💯

  2. Review is amazing I'm going to check it out this place and just to let you know your Intro is AMAZING ……

  3. Try palmwoods from pure relief plz. Not much reviews and I would like to see if you would enjoy it and if the effects are strong. #Notigang ‼️

  4. Now that song is in my head: Roll Roll your Blount if CBD break down Roll up no more anxiety. Ayeee!!!

  5. I'm so afraid to try them again…I just can't get past the plastic taste that both the Blue Dream and Pineapple Express Carts had.

  6. Hey,I just tried cbd for the first time.its suver haze,smh,bruh this shit fire as hell.i can't tell the difference, I'm high as hell
    And I'm a og smoker,north memphis born and raised,trust.

  7. The great thing about vaping is its quick to do.
    Screw the battery to the cart turn it on and your off.
    For me I prefer smoking flower because its less harsh and it has more of a "heavier" effect that seems to last longer.
    Taz this is a good brand that uses MCT organic coconut oil instead of PG/VG or artificial chemicals and they have several different strains to choose from👍

    I occasionally vape to wake and bake because like I said its quicker then having to break down some!

    What's the word, hummingbird?

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