Strain Review – S.A.G.E. CBD

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  1. at 13 second in wow man crystally rosin mang or is that shatter?& 200x Zoom Is So Nice Looks Like The Moon Hah& Get Yourself A Green Shirt

  2. 24th like and the sage looks fire never heard of it Glad You Where Introduced To It Still Smokin My DBD DEath Bubba & Shiskaberry

  3. good squish… i find i get highest returns when i premoisten chopped bud… 20 – 30 % usually… it seems to do a steam extraction of sorts if that makes sense… peace…

  4. Absolutley gorgeous rosin man. Like we mentioned before we have plans for more squish reviews, ect so big plans. Cheers!

  5. It's funny how these reviews remind me sometimes that I have these same strains for myself. This video inspired me to roll up a nice SAGE CBD joint that has a nice streak of SAGE CBD Budder melted inside the paper too plus inspired me to watch this again. Cheers!

  6. Hey bud, very cool technique, so I guess you just throw out the bud after the process? I know when you vape it in a vaporizer, the bud is useless. Also is that wax paper? ✌

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