Stop Testing for THC Marijuana in Drug Test!

Let’s Psych Your Perspective**** I personally think testing for MARIJUANA/THC is ridiculous especially now that more states are legalizing marijuana for medical …


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. This is indeed a major issue that needs to be changed, Its a hobby and stress reliever, something to look forward to after a days work that I really enjoy doing. Now I have to give up the hobby because of random testing for this particular job. It really does suck, I think it should definitely be removed from Urinary analysis and hair follicle tests. All jobs.

  2. Andrew Yang Is Changing The Game .. He Wants A Mass Pardon On All Non Violent Drug Related Offenses .. he says theres something wrong when there are people in fl in jail for something thats legal somewhere else in the country . you should really check him out he also says there should be a mental health evaluation on every job of power in the white house . finally someone whose human may be in the white house God willing .. Your Vids Are Great As ALWAYS

  3. I don’t smoke weed but I agree with you 100%, I worked for a company part time as a cashier and had to take a drug test. They needed help desperately and didn’t hire applicants because they tested positive for weed. It is the dumbest thing I ever heard of, but on the other hand you got people out popping pills high as hell working in these jobs. Make it make sense to me.

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