1. I despise pea-brained executive types like this who see no value in simply enjoying life because they're too busy worrying about selling cars or scamming investors or whatever other bullshit career they waste their time on.

  2. Everyone saying he must be a coke guy! I just wanted to know if there are any entrepreneurs who do some kind of uppers for getting that boost for work? If yes then which one and how much quantity? i want to do some coke cause on some days i have been smoking weed and working and i personally feel i get less done and spend a lot of time-wasting on the laptop. I had done some lsd last month only quarter every 3 days and i was able to get a lot of shit done and it was a good experience. I was able to work in ways i couldn't think of all this while! I just want to try some coke or something else just to see how i can perform in my business!

  3. Anyone that follows this guy and listens to the bs that comes out of his mouth are complete morons. Dude is a junkie. First thing I thought years ago when I heard of this F was coke head. He even does the coke head snort.

    Only the weak minded follow a guy like this.
    I’ve made millions selling weed legally, been high for 17 years straight. Goes from talking about weed to now the poor kid is a heroin addict. Jesus. Maybe he was talking about himself as a

  4. He's right though, it'll only limit your Up's in life to one thing, and you'll start noticing the only time your happy is when your high… its a bitch to kick But i'm glad i kicked it i used to be pathetic. Now however i am a fucking straight boss. Best of luck to everyone on their journey's

  5. You know you can enjoy life with the lens of the natural mind? I think that’s way more beautiful and powerful than using substances to “enhance” experiences. It also just costs so much more than what you actually pay for. You’re using your time, money, and energy to put in effort on a “high” feeling. Get high on life ladies and gentlemen.

  6. Snoop Dogg smokes weed every day and has a net worth which is still half of this guy, but respect and recognition that outshines him by far. I want that to be what everyone takes away from this.

  7. You know my earliest visualizations of me as a very wealthy successful man included ZERO weed. Weed only got introduced to me in my most painful part of life as a "cool" crutch to "take the pain away." It never took the pain away, instead it amplified it and stupified me, but hey, the main perk of being stupid is not being able to remember your mental demons am i right? Plus the body high is nice too, and don't forget the fun social aspect. So i hooked myself for these reasons and ignored my doubts about it. I shrugged off the highly unpleasant mental haze, the constant coughing and thoat/lung irritations (understatement), the inherent mental state of FEAR that weed puts you in (but hey, it's fun to try to overcome this fear, ami right?), the ISOLATIONAL tendencies, the headaches and cravings shortly after, blunted emotions, poor memory, inability to seduce girls while stoned, and the self loathing from gross living conditions and inability to limit my use.

    So i admit it, i, was a drug addict.

    I think it's time for me to move on.

    It's time for me to become the very wealthy successful man that has always been waiting to stare at me through the mirror. It's not going to be easy. Or always enjoyable or even close to it. But i swear, i will make this work and be GRATEFUL that i have the ability to pull this off. May the universe be with me. Sending my love to anyone who needs this.

  8. This is the main reason I created my channel. To follow my journey of quitting. And you’re not lying – it is tough!! Anxiety and not so fun stomach stuff 😩

  9. Damn thats true. I have a twin brother who doesnt smoke nearly as much and stuff that I can normally beat him at I lose at when Im high and he's not. It really pisses me off. At the same time, if you are doing things that arent competitive and just relaxing while smoking then it really doesnt matter.

  10. So happy I stopped smoking Cold Turkey after 40 yrs!!! To each his own! No Human Being or situation could ever coerce me into smoking again!!!!!

  11. I quit smoking weed recently, I was a high functioning pothead with a great gpa studying computer science but I have to say, my life has improved drastically after that like 5 day hump. I really didnt expect results this quick. I would smoke throughout the day. Now all my energy is put into chasing the life I want. I used to compare everything to just chilling and smoking and it all felt like a chore. Now all I'm asking myself is what I should work on next. If your sceptical about quitting, just try it for two weeks, and keep a positive mindset. Trust me.

  12. Why is he dying to b better than everything and everyone

    Been in the colonial era he will be some kind f racist genral, who will say like how u eat things, cz u hv to clean ur hands afterwards.

  13. So he can’t smoke because he doesn’t like the smell and can’t drive high 😂😂 ok what fuckin shame you are tard go drink some more alcohol.

  14. Those were some pretty stupid reasons and answer me this how many people have died from weed…… that's right 0 and the fact that you brought up a needle has nothing to do with marijuana that's more on the heroin scale but good try

  15. The fact that there is a strong link between marijuana and developing psychosis and schizophrenia is why you should stop smoking. Do it before it's too late

  16. people wear colognes to smell nice. what's the fucking difference if i put it on to cover a small. what u covering in the first place?

  17. Cool so I can stop having honest conversations with my friends and go worship money like this douche instead, sign me up!

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