Stocks to watch after legalization 2018-2019

Stocks to watch after legalization 2018-2019 – RICH TV LIVE – October 16, 2018 – These are the stocks to watch for 2019 with Nika Domi – Subscribe …


  1. Rich cbwtf is my pick with hiku, Was my secret weapon but got snatched up by canopy. That left weed md all alone. Thought they could've merged wit nwkrf after the hiku robbery. She on her DeeM tho

  2. PotNetwork (POTN) stock has huge potential and a new uplisting coming up. In my option many pure play pot stocks are overvalued, especially the canadian heavyweights. I think big money will want to look into US pot companies, and other legal markets like CBD, pharmaceuticals and various other players who might see increased profits post legalization.

  3. mpx and the merger with ianthus adds straight up 0.56 cents per share to ianthus times it by x10 which is very reasonable puts ianthurs at $13 per share my opinon…

  4. Thanks Rich and Nika. One of my picks from about two years ago was Marapharm. It's been down so long. I keep holding on, expecting it to come out of the dive and rise. I don't know why it dropped when so many similar companies went up in the same time period, and I wonder if you can explain it, as well as what the future for that company might be now that the law has changed for the better?

  5. What are your thoughts on Invictus? I feel their Financials are in good shape. They're not getting very much recognition especially after Gene Simmons came aboard. Just curious on your thoughts.

  6. Love the community, and all things RichTvLive…best channel on yt!!

    And the chat room saving lives, lmfao!

    Keep doing you bud, def appreciate the wrk

  7. Hi Rich, you have spoken about Mpx Bioceutical Corp, why is this stock rallying on Oct 17th when all the other Cannabis Stocks have taken a setback? This Stock is not on the Top Picks on your website. Do you still say this one would be an underdog? something to seriously look into? Inspite of the fact that the current price is close to 52 week high.. Sorry I'm a novice trying to understand the tricks of the trade

  8. That was awesome, you two have a smooth vibe working together. I have been trying to keep up with ALL of the intelligently gathered information you share and am so grateful for your efforts. One of the few channels that I watch that actually gives you free valid info and a kick to go do your own…lol.
    Keep rocking it, bro! And Bless you 😇🤩🤑✌

  9. Nika is fuckin' BLISTERING fuckin' HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have a hypothetical question for both of you. If the US stock market were to go into another Great Recession, say something between now and 2020, how would that affect the marijuana industry? Specifically Canadian companies.

  11. Rich what do you think nameste has the potential to hit? 10 plus is this something you will keep long term or short term

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