1. i was wondering if the stiiizy has a smell when its not being used- does the pod and/or battery smell like weed?

  2. My friend got me too this I was into really cartridges tell my friend introduce me to this product

  3. So I'm coppin one with my new Stiiizy pen and watchin the vid while enjoying my new cartridge. Then, I notice how red the dudes hands are! And then, they seem to get redder the longer I watch. Wow, is it me? Or is this Stiiizy that kick ass! Either way it's a bit freeky man!! ""What's up with the hands man"",, "what's up with the hannnnds?"

  4. bro didn’t even inhale, @ stiiizy if you watch this i’ll give a 100% review cause ill smack tf out that pod in a day

  5. 710 kingpen! these sick heavy hitters are wack too so is pure and brash knuckles whatever but710 kingpen the best especially that skywalker

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