Steve-O: Closest I’ve come to dying

Steve-O regales with a rundown of notable stunts throughout the years. Highlights include having his cheek pierced with a fish hook to become live shark bait, …


  1. I just want this couch. If anyone knows what kind of couch this is, hit me up. Lol that looks comfy as shit.

  2. All of these were gross, but the leech one was the worst for me. The port a potty one was bad too, but damn that leech one was just disgusting

  3. he pierced his cheek twice with a fish hook but you cant even see the scar on his cheek o_o thats how solid Steve O is.

  4. I wonder if it was on the same cocaine binge that he got his scuba certification and almost died scuba diving or if it was on seperate trips.

  5. This Graham dude needs to work on his interview face. Sometimes he looks like he’s not even in the same room as Steve-o!… just a blank stare… eeek.

  6. Me: Is a qualified scuba diver. Feels accomplished, paid close attention to all theory training, trains regularly, has scuba aspirations

    Steve-O: "Yeah I got scuba certified on a cocaine bender"


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