1. I live in Belgium right now, it has ruined my Keto journey. The Keto trackers do not work on European food labels. The nutrition is not broken up by serving. So frustrating!!!!

  2. Might be helpful to research
    HBOT for Injuries …
    HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy
    has been used Off-Label for
    Sports Injuries,
    Traumatic Brain Injuries &
    Spinal Cord Injuries
    Long Term Fasting has shown
    increase Stem Cells, likewise
    HBOT has been shown to
    also increase Stem Cells

    We don't know
    what we don't know

    Nothing Beats a TRY!

    Great Content!

  3. Jason, Glad to see one of your best friends is a quad. I am a quad to. I've been a quad for 25 years now. I love to workout as well. Anyways great video.

  4. Der Jason, I tried Keto and failed and gained weight??
    I am a guy who loves to eat and when I was on keto the amount of calories I was consuming was about 5000 cals per day.
    I am really frustrated and do not now what to do and why it failed!!
    what should I do??

  5. Now I feel really bad my bike cost ยฃ10k man not fair. What beautiful arm you have Jake . Yes a real inspiration.

  6. โ€œCBDโ€ I really donโ€™t know if it work like these guys talking about!!!! They might getting paid!!! And itโ€™s might not work for some individuals like me, I mean itโ€™s might work in some extend but I donโ€™t really feel like these guys talking about!!!

  7. The strength you lose from cutting carbs is mostly intracellular pressure from water and glycogen not actually muscle generated .

  8. you said you are not as strong on keto could it be you where on more calorie intake on carbs surplus hence was stronger wouldn't being on surplus keto make you just as strong

  9. Have you tried supplementing salt water on a daily basis? 1-1.5 tsp pink salt 1-1.5 tap potassium bicarbonate per liter. Usually one liter a day.

    I feel like itโ€™s a big performance and physique enhancer.

  10. Love your candid conversation Jason. I have 20 + years on you, really struggling/striving to put on lean mass – It's a tough road when you are also trying to IM fast for autophogy.

  11. I visited Japan 2 months ago and you can 100% do keto over there. The steak is incredible, however very expensive. The key is to stay in hotels that offer complimentary buffet breakfast to fill up on.

  12. How can anyone give this video a thumbs down? The admiration i have for jake is indescribable, to turn a shitty situation into one of pure positivity is amazing. And the man trains like a boss !!!!

  13. First of all, Jake unapologetically lives large, but is incredibly humble. I get it-take advantage of the chapter of the life that you are in. I have wasted so much time, putting off adventures cause I have not reached a particular physical goal. The sidelines sux. You (Jason) remind me of my favorite type of person, someone with a drill sergeant vibe- tough, only demanding the best, no respector of BS, with tons of heart. After watching your content, I am always ready to shatter another self imposed barrier. Keep it up!

  14. Great content, the reflections on mental attitude at the beginning were so awesome. Thanks for addressing CBD. I have been using it for awhile post workout and I love it.

  15. Love your videos, but just be careful with the CBD oil. I do drug screen testing and in the state of Indiana, they legalized CBD oil use only if it has less than 0.03% THC, which is what is measured in a drug test. But Indiana does not have any regulations on it meaning no one to test all the different products on the market. Therefore, you may have higher than normal levels of THC causing a positive drug screen. Check with your state and their rules/regulations.

  16. Jake is a true example of courage, mental Will power I Will never forget about you jake ,when I am feeling down you Will be a motivator for me much love bro

  17. Dude is unbelievable!! If I had 1/10th of his drive and happiness Iโ€™d be a rock star … big props to u both … Keto on!!!

  18. The acceptance talk really resonated with me. Thanks guys. Super inspiring. Love you guys. And Carly—-I'm into DIY and working hard around the house too. You go girl!!

  19. Oh my goodness! The last 30 seconds of this video is so sweet! I love your positive energy, it really brightens up my day ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  20. Jake is so inspiring!! This was an awesome video.

    I tore my MCL and sprained my ankle in February (hiking accident). CBD has been a game changer. I was so resistant to try it. I refused all opioids and was trying to get by on just NSAIDS. I was living in constant pain when I decided to try CBD. The first day I used it, was also the first day I was able to walk down the steps by myself. I hate that there is such a stigma around it and โ€œmodernโ€ medicine is so resistant to recommend it. Multiple doctors offered me opioids but no one was even able to have a conversation with me about CBD. It has so many benefits. Thanks for being willing to have the conversation about CBD.

    As a side note, I also give it to my dog. She has social anxiety and does not do well in situations where she might meet strangers. CBD takes the edge off for her and makes life more pleasant for both of us.

  21. Jake is such an inspiration, his background story motivated me in so many ways since you first introduced him to us

  22. Jake is such a likable guy and he's handsome too. I think it's great that you guys are good friends and spend time together when time allows it. Is hard to find genuine friends nowadays.

  23. Great content gentlemen. Really appreciate the โ€œrealโ€ insight.

    Also…. Quick question…. Do you regulate coffee/caffeine intake? How many cups per day….Thank you!

  24. I know it's a struggle Jason but i love the frequency of uploads lately. So proud of you, the mrs, pax and sawyer. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so happy you're natural. Thank you jay

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