Step By Step How To Plant Outdoor Marijuana

Growing Progress Update #2 for July 2019 – I show you the progress on my legal weed planted late April 2019. Watch the first video here …


  1. I’m starting off a plant 🌱 👈🏽 it looks like this rn I have it in a jar but I am going to buy a flower pot like the 1 you have & some soil. I used the soil I have in my backyard for now

  2. You dont use any pesticides or anything? I assume that would poison the plant right? I have zero knowledge about this. Thx

  3. Definitely update more enjoy watching this it seems you have one of the more recent out door grows it’s hard for a newbie too learn !

  4. Those plants are flowering when they shouldnt be… transition has just started in the northern hemisphere… at least here in Los Angeles it has started to transition… they will revert to veg soon and will flower too late into the season.

  5. enjoyed watching your update plant grow. i have mine growing amongst fruit and vegetables in the tsame box. how with this effect my plant. thanks again. keep doing great tutorials like this

  6. How long does it take to show signs of sexing? It’s Longer than 2 months and it’s showing no signs of anything.

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