State of the California Cannabis Industry – Lori Ajax

Lori Ajax (Chief, Bureau of Cannabis Control) and David Hua (CEO & Co-Founder, Meadow) Don’t shoot the messenger πŸ™‚ This conversation took place at …


  1. "Do you believe Cali has created an environment where small businesses can succeed? 95% said No."

    And then they gloss over the question and spend no time at all addressing it…..

  2. That’s hilarious that legal operators are calling for enforcement against the black market. That’s why I’ll never support a place that calls for this kind of activity as long as the market isn’t easy to get into. there’s going to be thousands of people who operate in the black market simply out of trying to survive.

  3. If she wants to weed out the black market make it so they can’t compete sell 100 dollar organic sun grown ounces maybe that could weed her out .why are they all banking on 8th sales ?what’s a 8th 3 joints not user friendly ?

  4. the position lori ajax holds should be elected. she has no idea shes in charge of the largest GLOBAL cannabis market in the the corporate takeover ..its obvious the REGULATORS want 30 big weed corporations spread out through cali..they dont want 60000 independent small craft farmers

  5. Whose pockets are fatter right now the BCC or the legal industries? The BCC is draining the businesses through over-regulation. Plus in theory no one wants to pay $50-$75 a small jar of cannabis that is the bottom-line. Until businesses are able to put quality product on shelfs for $30-$45 an eighth then the legal industries will have a chance. Businesses cannot do this until they aren't overpaying to play.

  6. Let me put it to you like this, I've been beat up, shot with tasers, and kicked in the teeth for this plant by law enforcement. The powers that be lied to us, and now we know the truth and they want to piss on our back and tell us its raining. Let me explain a few things, most of these folks wouldn't hang in a session with me for more than a few minutes, wouldn't be able to handle the smoke or conversation, they haven't been through what real heads, growers, and the like have gone through. They do not deserve taxes, regulations, laws, or even my attention or respect. How about this… didn't even watch the video, just read the comments. Run in trusted circles and grow organically, chemical free, teach and share, and you won't hear me coming trust me youlll smell me, smoke signals and clouds, I think its time these California hippies get a taste of that Florida Funk that'll have um shitting beds and pissing there skinny jeans. ONE

  7. More government more laws & lawyers ….
    We the people have been handed our hat ;; the government will select a few to work with , its easier to control a few and get the same money. Bob Marley spoken of these days : This plant belongs to the fucking people !

  8. We Lost The War on Drugs and now we are going to crack down on the unregulated market… LMAO Cali is gonna lose this battle too !!! Overgrow all Governments.

  9. Regulations have been legislated to systemically remove the majority of the cannabis industry in favor of a crony corporate industry takeover by ultra big ag, pharma, big alcohol, big tech, big tobacco, etc. Cronyism and ignorance on both sides but noone wants to budge. Sound familiar? It's time to organize and deregulate

  10. (Hey we need more enforcement) no you need the goverment out.
    To many people thought it was going to be a cash cow, when all along itnshould have just been legalized and let free market work it out.

  11. I have zero empathy for all the idiots out there that have begged to be regulated, taxed, told what to do. how to do.
    So many idiots that don't comprehend the concept that all laws/regs/statutes already in place should have been <<<<<<< repealed>>>>>>>> instead of legalized.

    No sympathy whatsoever for all of you out there begging to have your rights taken away from you in exchange for limited privileges and immunities that can. and will be taken away from you at the whim of the legislators.

  12. This channel has a bunch of nobody's, and then has a bunch of nonsense, not one of these video is worth watching they all talk and talk.. about nothing.. because these are people who dont care about farmers just making money.. or how to be a company to make money.. when this has nothing to do with weed.. this is just a business group of money whores.

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