Spiritual Effects of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Substances

Spiritual Effects of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Substances February 4, 2019 by Mirnesa mirnesa.net Mirnesa’s Original Video is here: …


  1. I started smoking weed at 15. I managed to quit smoking for 10 years straight prior to military service. Back then there were not all of these supportive laws concerning it. Even our legislators are beginning to understand THAT PLANT IS ACTUALLY GOOD FOR US. Now if it's laced or something of that nature it can become very addictive due to the man made chemicals.

    Am I being biased due to the fact that I own shares of medical marijuana companies? Perhaps. Perhaps….

  2. Peace love and light… I have to disagree… everybody's journey isnt addiction and post traumatic stress… this statement is for those with addiction problems only… our true ascension is when we can separate our spirit from the body. Do we need it no but I do feel there is almost always a plant that shows us the 1st step… namaste

  3. I don't drink but I do smoke, I have no problems communication with spirits or anything. But some people don't think it's right, it's everybody's opinion I guess. Sending love and light to you. thank you for bringing it up.

  4. How do you lump alcohol, cannabis, dmt, ketamine, heroine and pharmaceuticals etc… in the same breath?? No way. There is no comparison. “Marijuana” is a name to demonize THC/CBD.

  5. In my view, she makes a mistake lumping alcohol and cannabis is one category. One is poison the other a medicinal sacrament. In our upside down world, the Catholic Church considers the poison to be the sacrament.

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  8. I have heard you saying that um.. you just need to add new things to get rid of addiction, but before people do that I believe that they need to fully accept and love themselves with the addiction, that is the first step, accepting and loving and letting go of negative resistance like self talk that is negative and self defeating. in that way, the negative energy that results in you depending on substances will be transformed into positive energy, and automatically you will raise your vibes and not need external substances to do that for you .that is the first step.

  9. this is a beautiful video, all light workers go through a point of intense pain I have noticed. I always told people that the reason why you hurting is to heal not only you but others too.. beautiful video

  10. Why do shamans use Ayahuasca, peyote, cannabis? They are all found in nature. Alcohol is man made. Man made by all means stay away.

  11. …perhaps if homosapiens remembered the "choice they made"and with whom, prior to entry, during their lives, the movement through life would be different…

  12. Reading the reasons ppl take medicines makes me want to share. I just learned of Edible hydrogen peroxide. Started taking it. The body is diseased by lack of oxygen in the cells. This adds oxygen on a molecular level. Inflammations, eczema, arthritis, cancer, cells etc all destroyed when oxygen is at proper levels in the body. And clearer is the mind. Hope this helps anyone. Love and light Sugas

  13. Lol CANNABIS has zero effects spiritually, alcohol on the other hand does have bad effects, The creator who created CANNABIS created all herbs all green and seed baring for mankinds usage, he did not create booze, Creator is NO hypocrite! Nice try propagandists LIARS!

  14. Eh, u r right in some ways and also wrong at the same time however don't mix alcohol and pot in the same buskets!

  15. she is not on the right track. ive used cannabis in the past and it has led me to an incredible opening of spirituality like never before. without it i wouldnt be where i am in knowledge and experience of my soul. its opened up a world which otherwise i wouldnt of had. alcohol on the other hand has done nothing but suppress spirituality which is why governments have allowed alcohol but made illegal psychadelic drugs which open up your mind. they don want us to expand our minds and know that we are eternal and creative souls. hence evolution was pushed by the elite to keep us dumbed down.

  16. Have you ever smoked Cannabis anytime in your life? Anytime???
    Do you know how, damaged neurons are healed in the head because of Cannabis. How very angry persons are healed over time with it; How people with seizures are from 300 a day to 1 a- month. How people with chronic pain, have eliminated the use of using opioid…need I explain the rest our bodies need to repair itself under pressure; to preform under high pressure from work Overload, is unnesscerally and inhuman. The body is forced to rest, when on Cannabis. Thoughts come on things you have had problems with, get solved, all because needed answers did not come in their conventional way of thinking.
    Thanks to Cannabis, our bodies are being healed, mental clarity on who, we are and why are we here, are put into new perspectives; we have a chance to THINK! and receive answers from our inner-selves; which has been blocked by technical means, on us like the plague. Nothing like this has opened the doors to all people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of this one way programming!

  17. Thankyou – this was a really lovely way of talking about addiction – so much judgement around it which is of no help to anyone at all so thankyou for making this – bless.

  18. Yes I was born in a Toxic family home and yes I'm scarred and I would like to learn how to get healed………..

  19. Psychedelics are a great tool 

    If enlightenment is like an island way out in the ocean.  meditation is like putting up a sail on a sailboat.  Slowly, calmly, deliberately making your way.  Psychedelics are like strapping your self to a rocket.  You can kind of try to aim it – using the set, setting and intention.  But once it blasts off, all you can do is hold on -and hope it doesn’t blow up.  

    Upon liftoff it shakes the very foundation of personal beliefs, so much so that they may crumble and fall.  Incinerating anything untrue in its exhaust.   Rising up, showing you the wonders of the universe at blinding speed. This can punch a hole into the veil itself and carry you through it.  Taking you tour of other places and realities, meeting beings, learning lessons and making new friends.  Finally the parachute deploys and as you drift back to earth, you spend the time contemplating what just took place and what it all means.  Warning, you may be parachuting down for an incredible amount of time, and likely may never set foot in reality again.

  20. You have to consider the healing properties of the higher plant sacrament as well. You keep saying alcohol marijuana, or whatever. Alcohol is the worst, it is not a medicine. It brings out the worst aspect of the individual. The only positive to it is breaking down insecurity.

  21. I meditate with cannabis and I LOVE it. The flower we smoke is feminine energy. I didn’t start smoking cannabis until I was 36 years old. Changed my life situation for the better. I don’t drink because I never liked the taste of alcohol. I don’t judge others who do what they do. ❤️

  22. If you enjoy it, are using healthily for you, and not using as a crutch (eg numbing), then tgere is nothing at all wrong with it!!

  23. Used in moderation, it hardly even affects you…shows how little you know.

    Its more habit or taste.

    So kindly do not generalise all because of some

    Marijuana has also beem shown to reduce effects of matrix programming, subliminals, triggers and brainwashing. Release yourself from reality programming

    If you are using any substanxe for relief…then that says *everything*!!@

    You say no judgements, yet you cannot seem to get or understsnd that not everyone uses for numbing or relief, and cannot look past the reality programming.

    How is television, etc any more healthy?

    I find your view very narrow minded and very much still brainwashed by the matrix 'dos and donts'.

  24. What about people who do NOT numb tgemselves, and actually just enjoy the taste or slightly relaxed feeling.

    Also marijuana years ago was one of tge catalysts that allowed me to ses beyond 3D and 'reality'

    So you are incorrectly generalising.

    And talking about a specific subset of people-
    those who cannot use in moderation (if you are floating or taking so much to have those effects, you are –defibitely- overdoing it!!

    And like anything, it can be positive or negative.

    I find it offensive tgst some people cant seem to understand tgar they can be used as tools for spirituality or just for relaxation. Numbing yourself? If you need to be numbed, once again over indulging on substances is not healthy.

    But how dare yiu assume tgat everyone is numbing or cannot be soverign.

    Also, like anything

  25. You are a outstanding beautiful angel of amazing strength thanl you for sharing the knowledge you worked sp hard for! I love you! And your beautifil angel glow also Personality I hopr I can be half as awesome as You!

  26. I love your approach of adding new activities and things to your life such as art or maybe yoga, which actually fills the space and time spent otherwise and this just allows your use of drugs or alcohol dissipate.

  27. So how do we find and heal the source of that issue I have no idea what it is it is been 6 years that I have know this but I still have no idea what the problem was or is beside boredom

  28. Dont put herb in a category with alchohol or other substances . Mindfulness and moderation is key always .

  29. I agree on adding new experiences to overcome addictions. To quit smoking, it seems breathing exercises can create the complete opposite effect and actually pull the pendulum to the other side.
    Also, I find it useful to try to do the things I do with cigarettes without them for a change. It gives me the idea that smoking is an option, not a necessity.

  30. What you say isn't wrong but these entities can also be attached to you when you are sober, having an altered state of consciousness is not the only time you are exposed to this. Alcohol is extremely vibration lowering, but so is eating meat yet people don't like to talk about that addiction. Whenever you are not present, i.e choosing foods that do not nourish you, not taking care of your body, etc. anything like that you are likely acting on an entities program that it has installed in you. You don't need to be intoxicated for this to happen. When I was younger and less spiritual, I did not resonate with marijuana, because anytime I would smoke I would have an ego death, just from weed. The truth is, it was showing me things about myself I did not want to admit or see, inducing extreme anxiety and paranoia. As I have grown into myself and spirituality, my experience with marijuana has changed and it has become an extremely valuable tool for my progression. Intention behind what you do is always the deciding factor of the outcome, period. Intention is basically the highest form of spiritual purification. If you can refine your intention, you can pierce through any veil with or without the aid of substances.

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