Spark Up With Snoop Dogg & His Famous Pals in the Best of Smokers Studio, Vol. 2 | GGN NEWS

MERRY JANE Over the years, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have stopped by the GGN desk to chop it up with Uncle Snoop.


  1. My dumbass looking up the CEO position all confused thinking I’m bout to learn a killer bedroom technique 😂😂💀

  2. La 🐩 iluminatis Túpac Amaru killuminatis por siempre pueden matar al mensajero pero no pueden matar el mensaje

  3. What happend to the ggn show snoop, this shit funny man, been binge watching on YouTube. You gona do it again?

  4. God could have spare us such creatures! I could not offense animals by comparing them to these things

  5. Superman smokin on that kryptonite!!! Cause he’s funny as hell!!! Love ya snoop! Love to see you ain’t beefin with little boys anymore!!! Cause you makin to much loot to be in the childish mix! Love lizard 🦎 n cinnamon

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