Space Tote Critical Purple Kush Timelapse Grow

A timelapse grow log and step by step guide of my first grow with a space tote, a DIY grow setup utilizing storage totes. Items I Used To Build The Space Tote: …


  1. Purple coloration is probably a sign of UVs travelling through the canopy over long periods of time

  2. You sound like Hamilton from Hamilton's pharmacopeia which makes it impossible listen to you. thank God for subtitles. keep doing what your doing. I like your content

  3. For a small plant in a small space not bad do u make it own flower blend or do u use bought products if so u should try humbolt countrys brand an use crystal burst big bud an finall finish if not use it own blend I think too u could of got the same plant size yield with a 4 gallon or even maybe 3 but good work nice video 420 love

  4. If possible you could include a day counter for the plants, seed to harvest? I really like the videos you make, keep up the good work!

  5. my master what to say everytime you make all seem so easy thanks a lot for the info i wanted to use hydro nutes in soil but you clarified it .Thanks dear friens stay streong and bring more

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