1. Hey I'm trying to start the snake diet today with the original snake juice can you take magnesium pills with this and can you also use. Alkaline water for the snake juice recipe

  2. I just started making snake juice with arm and hammer baking soda. I can physically taste it in my snake juice and it tastes like SHIT. Does redmill taste any better?

  3. Hi Shameen, thank you for making this video. Quick question, do you drink additional pure water along with the snake juice or just the snake juice will fasting?

  4. I just started this today. My mouth is really dry is this normal? I remember u mentioned something about this but can’t find it. Should i add more water add less salt ?

  5. LOVE your name! My husband's name is Shaheem and my middle name is Shasmeen!! If we had another kid, I'd name her after you (but we're old)

  6. Hi, so I’m curious if I could use light salt because where I’m from I can’t find potassium chloride powder and I can’t find the nosalt either and on the snake diet he does mention light salt but I’m just curious what your opinion is if I can’t find what I mentioned thanks!

  7. Can I use another spring water other than Evian? Im drinking one liter a day with 1/2 pink salt and 1/2 no salt and 1/2 arm and hammer baking soda…I drink and after every 2 days I dry fast…..will this help me loose weight?….I need to loose 130lbs

  8. Completed two 72 hr fast this week..and I really felt bad after the referee, and I binged a little after 2nd refereed..ugh..this is tuff stuff, but need to keep it going..

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