SMOKING WEED IN AMSTERDAM | Day 1 – Amsterdam Vlog 2019

Were back in Amsterdam!! Smoking weed, eating space cakes and eating more food than last year! If you’ve read the description comment: OMG PewDiePie …


  1. Dont understand why you would go to Amsterdam to smoke you get ripped off and so expensive. Go to lanzarote coffee shops just one of many places. I make a salad before I smoke something I know will make me a little hungry.

  2. I went to dam myself and vlogged it if you could check it out and let me know how to improve 馃憤馃徎

  3. I just got back from Dam it was awesome, my second time there. Weeds not actually legal there you know just decriminalized but yeah still illegal haha

  4. i don't get asmr very often anymore, but used to get it all the time as a kid.. the warm fuzzies are dissolving or hardening with time

  5. Lol I had that space cake when I went amsterdam and OMG I was so paranoid and so high and happy it was amazing

  6. space cakes are terrible in amsterdam if you are a normally daily smoker. when in dam you need to find a steet dealer selling extract cookies, they were the shit

  7. Spacecakes on an EMPTY STOMACH! No one likes a pussy. You have weak ass tourist strength ones….. new years day I ate 6, true story. Was a bit of a sweat fest.

  8. I live in Amsterdam, and i once threw a couple of pens at the skeleton man. He legit chased me and my friends, across the Dam Square. He threw his stick after us. I was actually terrified because there was basically a demon sprinting right behind me.

  9. You both seem like such a laugh! If I see you around amsterdam at any point please please please..have a brownie with me and the gf馃槀 subscribed!

  10. Haha gotta make sure to find those cakes once I'm in amsterdam馃ぃ Missed watching your vlogs bud!

  11. Yo man few questions, i am comming to Amsterdam at the end of April, where are u staying at Hotel or Hostel and what is the price per night for a single room for a single person since i am going alone and what are the best coffeeshops considering the price and quallity, thanks!

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