1. If you are aware of what you are doing then you won't get hooked on cigarettes like the TRUTH foundation would have you believe

  2. what a great add for Julling. The largest investor in this technology are tobacco companies… Well done!. You know you could use those 5 ingredients (oh and that stuff is hyper addictive when you had the benzo) in a Vap and have hundreds of puffs for even less money!

  3. I'm just going to stick with Smarties. You get way more puffs for way cheaper ( where I'm from, a bag is $3.00). Plus, I haven't heard anything bad about it.

  4. You underplayed the effects of nicotine and dopamine is the focus chemicals not related to happiness called seratonin also addiction pathways aren't directly effected by nicotine it's the person as I expected from a drawing based YouTube show that holds no credibility, I dont even smoke nicotine lmao

  5. K the problem is, is that adults think that kids who vape will go in to smoke but like I know tons of kids who vape and I don't know any kids who smoke

  6. Cigarettes and pods are expensive on your area lol a pack of cow boy killers is 6$ and a single juul pod is around 5$ or less

  7. JUUL in Canada is 59.99$ for the starter set and for a pack of 4 pods is 19.99$. I’m not saying it’s bad just saying it can be cheaper but I’m not sure but it’s healthier then smoking which is worth it.

  8. Not true on prices you get 4x pods for 16 bucks. So that’s be 4x pack cigarettes for same price of one

  9. The main problem as of now are teens using them to be "trendy" or some other idiotic reason. People, such as myself, use it as a cigarette alternative. If using a JUUL somehow kills me, it won't kill me as fast as me smoking 2 packs of menthols a week.

  10. Ok so 1 juul pod is not 16, a pack of 4 is. Love your vids but this is a false claim that juuling is more expensive

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