1. I’m contemplating this now. I’m 27 and am thinking about using a sperm donor if I’m not in a committed stable healthy relationship/marriage by 30-32. This is very inspiring. You are also very lucky to have your mom could go through this process with you.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! Am 37 am going through Ivf on September very scary to find out about if I could use my on eggs!

  3. I hate the fact they didn’t use her eggs when she clearly had some eggs left over. This woman is such a smart sophisticated woman. The doctor just got her to not pass off her bloodline.

  4. I have a plan for this being a possibility in the future. I have PCOS so for a while my future fertility has been a concern for me even when I was diagnosed as a teenager. I'm 19, turning 20 soon, but I worry that if I wait too long waiting for a boyfriend/husband and my ovaries won't have enough eggs.

    I've decided to see by my mid to late 20s to see what my romantic situation looks like (seeing if who I'm with then would want children) and if it's not a possibility that way I'm going to have IVF with donor sperm. Because I doubt I'm one of those women who can get to their late 30s and 40s and still have children. I know it's a 'you never know' situation but I don't want to take that chance. I'd love to have my own children

  5. I don’t understand why she used a donor egg. She should have at least tried with her own. My numbers were bad but I got pregnant on my own at 43. It’s worth trying with your own eggs.

  6. I love your Mom!!! I'm about to be a single mom but not by choice. Your story gives me a fresh new perspective and honestly is a breath of fresh air in this cruel cruel world. Love to you and your bundle of joy!

  7. I'm 45 and I'm a single mom by choice. I love it. Don't need to worry about custody battles or nothing at all.


  9. I feel like I was just watching my story! I am going through this myself now. My 7 week ultrasound in this coming Monday and I can hardly wait. My family is so supportive as well and my mother and I have this same bond.

  10. I know that some clinics set an age limit for women who want to undergo IVF. But still, there are plenty of IVF options for older women. Like, for example, the Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom. They conducted all kind of treatments for women even over 50. They have the highest rate of success and quite affordable prices. Do you remember the case when a woman over 60 has conceived and delivered kids? Of course, I think that it is a very individual thing. But it is true that there are a lot of women who fail to conceive. And that does not mean that you won’t have a chance of getting pregnant. To be quite honest there should be examinations for those who want to get pregnant but in the future. So they can see what their chances are. But honestly, it is common sense to not wait till 40 years to begin your tries to conceive.

  11. I'm planning for this. Im 29 now….hoping after 3-5 years of building my savings and moving into a better career I'll be fully prepared financially take this journey.

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