Sidewalk Motel: Eugene Oregon (FULL DOCUMENTARY 2019)

Homeless in Eugene, Oregon Sidewalk Motel: Eugene is about the homeless population in what is called one of the country’s most livable cities. Eugene …


  1. There are good people that are homeless, but the vast majority are homeless due to personal decisions they have made. You are not helping people by giving them anything more than once. Personal responsibility is a bitch…you either take responsibility for every action or rely on everyone for not.

  2. just sitting here and listening to this guy wine about nobody helping him when his housing his food and everything he needs to exist is provided for him is more than I can take

  3. Cry Me a River get a haircut get a job quit blaming everybody but yourself you don't get to carry your dog everywhere with you stop using that for an excuse

  4. Eugene’s rent has skyrocketed since 2016. It’s gotten way out of hand. My family and I just moved away because of it. It’s just too expensive. I don’t recommend anyone move there unless they have a very good amount of money.

  5. the guy at the beginning of this video pretends that he is having a hard time finding a job. one of his problems is that he can't bring his dog to work? who is allowed to bring their dog to work? Why would anybody want to bring their dog to work? And what makes him so special that he should need to do so? This guy is only pretending to look for work. In reality he already has a job it's being a victim so far it feeds him houses him and keeps him from having to have a real job.

  6. Eugene sucks. It is filled with such cruelty to humanity. Some of the cruelest people in Eugene have "kindness" signs in their yard. Land of the new age hypocrite. Oregon ranks dead last in mental health care. It is a crisis people don't want to address. Mental Illness is the last prejudice people refuse to address. If you ignore the problem, it won't go away. It gets worse. Wake up Oregon.

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