Shaping Fire Ep. 45 – A Look at Global Cannabis Growing Culture with Colin Bell

As cannabis freedoms expand across the globe, more and more cannabis enthusiasts are getting the opportunity to meet each other and learn each others’ …


  1. Yo man Sendai seeds featured my bud I grew on their IG thanks for the help you defo deserve some credit I’ve watched loads of your videos + all the Knowledge I’ve gathered else where to long a list to write all the sources but It’s been a 3 year journey so far and I’ve learnt so much.

  2. the American seed market is killing it!!!
    Canada was where it was at for a good decade in the 2000's, but we have nothing on the fire (and multi-polyhybrids) that 'Murica is spitting out.
    Gas is where its at, and everyone has a "new hybrid" of gas in 'Murica.

  3. thanks Shango for posting bro…
    with love, from Canada eh.
    I look forward to your weekly podcasts.
    I want more Kev Jodrey!! Get another interview with him please Shango. lol, i dont even care what you guys talk about!!
    Kev s next-level!

  4. How about ancient cultural places like India & China where the scriptures show the old knowledge..? KUDOS on the growing co-ops models!

  5. I prefer bottle nutes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž I would say some in the cannabis community might be rethinking salt base nutes. But I stress not all. I work 12-14 hr days most of the time i don't have to play with organic stuff just to time consuming for me and a lot of folks that work a lot of physical hrs. Plus my bud turned out fire i just suggested you use highest quality salt base sit back and enjoy. Thanks for putting out all the awesome information 99% of the time your my go to for reference.

  6. As always, thanks for organizing and recording this to share with us. Love what you do. Dibs on a mammoth sample! Hahaha

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