1. At the crux of the matter, it's all spiritual. No one has illness in their mind…please stop perpetuating this lie from the pit of hell. People are dealing with demons and only JESUS can deliver us and set us free. By His stripes we are healed…whether that's mentally, physically or emotionally. In all aspects!! God told us in His word we wrestle not against flesh and blood. I believe it. do you?

  2. I listened to this lady advice
    I ended up calling undercover police officers asking me if I was suicidal and got mad when I didn't tell him Wat drugs I was on. then encoded my area code wen they couldn't track my location fucc mental health therapy

  3. hi everyone i'll be releasing my first official track about my personal testimony with mental illness in about two weeks before mental health month wraps up.i hope to contribute to creating awareness with this song and reducing the stigma around mental illness.please come to my channel before the end of the month to check the video it is going to be crazy and i guarantee you won't regret it 🙂 thank you and like tupac said keep your head up!:)

  4. besides white boys, the largest population groups with mental health issues that goes without treatment is black women; the largest issue in this white supremacist society with its supposed capitalist structure is in fact the neurosis of women having affections for the wrong thing (ugly desires); for black women her neurosis centers around one thing; massa; and massa's material things. In her mind, normal is considered taboo. It is a world with a white supremacist point-of-view (ie., Jamele Hill, when in massa's dog house–calls non-queer black men as the-white-supremacist of the black community). Psychologically, it is predatory thought and criminalized thinking that is rooted in white supremacy, as she cures her enmity with whitey and finds amnesty by pointing to the real culprits without affection for a white baby. Really, what mental health treatment do black men get behind bars???Do you consider sodomy as mental health treatment? The mental health condition your comments go to Nae West (a fictional black woman to be sure) is in regards to black men that come about as a result of them getting no affection in the society in which they are born; they are white supremacist victims, in particular, that are deliberately intended to get no affection from women–that is the psychological fear from the white supremacist state that is imposed on black women (this is the psychological condition that Creon imposed on Antigone, where a tension in feminine affection is placed such that the woman has to choose between her fears and her duties as a woman). Note, however, the tension is rhetorical in nature, a linguistic manipulation of the mind, as her desire or rather ambition resolves the tension that determines her tragic fate. Furthermore, as her affection determines her kinship and her fate at the same time, it is a proposition that is part of a syllogism and larger pleading where the subject is incest. However, in the modern context, irony, and tragedy within the whole system of white supremacy is in the fact that whitey has to use the womb of the black woman to promulgate particular offspring, as there is such high mortality and unreliable fertility within his so-called gene pool). Note, the eugenics resurgence movement, that we have today, as opposed to exterminating the competitive gene, is structured in way that intends to co-opt and to otherwise make better use of the negro and his genes scientifically, so to speak (Jordan Peel satire's the thinking in his film Get Out). Nevertheless, the horror in so-called black society in regards to black boys and mental health begins at birth and build from there with black girls and black women that overly punish and emotionally criminalize the male offspring for simply being born, black and poor; and, though, a separate condition being imposed by the state, the black male offspring is not only punished for the condition of family economy, he is given the psychological burden; thus, hatred for the black male offspring, is rooted in and justified by economics separately imposed by the state, and the lack of affection for black men by black women, is in fact part of the psychological irony that white supremacy is imposing on the black woman. Her neurosis and untreated mental health conditions are the tragic consequences of her ugly desires in trying to resolve impossible emotional conditions, being forced to starve her own while breast feeding a white baby, forced incest and desiring the affection and love of a rapist. We must keep in mind that both masculine and feminine neuroses that exist in black society are exploited by the white supremacist economy; black men risk their lives, health, and prison, as they more easily become criminalized to meet the burden of the household and/or to get affection in society, and from a woman; however, on the other hand, the expectation in the mind of black women may be altogether unattainable (Marrying a white man); or maybe even more detrimental to her health and welfare (includes, besides practices of promiscuity and homosexuality, the more secreted intimate relationships with white supremacist males, that are extremely dangerous. The inability to attain the emotional equivalent of the mind's eye, which the white supremacist society provides, the ugly desires consume them as people; and, while, some of it becomes good material for books, (Walker's Color Purple–gives outlet to the author's ugly desire for homosexuality; MacMillan's Waiting to Exhale epitomize the ugly desire of promiscuity; and Morrison's Beloved is a monument to Sadomasochism, in particular, the forbidden desires for a rapist and being forcibly raped; because the condition of white supremacy and the woman's ugly desire is never truly dealt with, consumption of any of these good works by the famous black women, in the way that the economy of white supremacy wants, only worsens the emotional instability and mental health condition, of black women.

  5. @djenvy how many times do professionals need to tell you that mental health diagnosis is not handed out like opioids? Read a book!

    Quick to bring up guns but you are the most untrained, uneducated person I know of legally allowed to carry a pistol. Smh

  6. Enduced mental illnes is a war crime US government is involved in. Yes, there are people who have ordinary mental illness. However, many folks today are being targeted and put through what mimics mental illness.

    CIA and DHS are big time conducting human experimentation of mind control. They are using trauma based mind control on citizens. It is heinous torturous prosecution with sickening intentions. DARPA and The Pentagon are definitely funding this NAZI crime.

  7. I’ve always loved and admired Shanti but the work she’s doing with Silence The Shame far outweighs the accomplishments she has made in the entertainment industry.

  8. I’m so thankful that mental awareness has come to the forefront in today’s society. And the most important thing is to make sure that people have access to the resources that are available. Knowing where to go is key for ones betterment. There’s nothing more overwhelming than to realize your having some issues and not knowing where to go for help.

  9. Thank you sis as a mental health profession I've been carrying this message for ever mental health is just as any other part of your body. Keep it on!

  10. Envy u ain't no kid, do you luv ur wife like u profess to or do u just not want to lose half? Unblock me on IG! Beige negro..😂😂✌

  11. This hits home. My 14 year old daughter was murdered on February 12, 2018. I also have an 18 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Bipolar and Depression when she was 14 after a suicide attempt. She was doing ok although she wasn’t on meds and she was so very close to her sister so when Natalie was killed my 18 year old had two more suicide attempts had to be institutionalized for a month. She still refuses to take any meds so she’s dealing with Anger Depression and Grief. I worry about her all day everyday. I’m so afraid for her. Sometimes I feel like I e already lost her too. She has given up on everything and she is just not herself I’m scared for her….. all I can do is pray for her and I dread that I will receive that phone call at any moment. I feel helpless and completely useless she can’t be around me she says I remind her too much of her sister. She has completely closed up.I can’t protect her from herself I wish I could take all her pain away…..

  12. I am mental illness is be talking about more. People who have mental illness suffer in silence. I had my struggle with mental illness last year because I was in unhealthy toxic relationship. I am thankful he broke up with me because he was drained me, break up with me every month. I am glad to be single my mental health is much more better.

  13. That's bullshit death is not a good thing and the reason why we think this way cause we got this slave mentality.

    We can beat anything we put our mind to don't let no ones death inspire u cause u wasn't with them when they was going through.

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