1. Thank u for making this video. Was definitely the easiest to follow, for me. It was very informative and easy to understand. Thank you!

  2. Nice Vid my LBS is getting me the X2 2020 model putting it on the mach 5.5 she needs it…going to dig out the shock wiz gets it very close from past shocks and mates rigs as well

  3. Hello Jeff, I've recently bought a Large IBIS Ripmo with X2 shocks. what's your opinion about the SAG? I ride race enduro but no bike park. I weight 80Kg. I like versatile and nimble bike. something to have a good base. thanks 😉

  4. My 165mm X2 has blown out twice within a year. Great shock when it works … but high level of failure.

  5. Owning X2 for two seasons and still dont know how to set it up in a best way. Bottoming out too often. Already put 220 psi but still.. (
    Weigh about 70 kg only.

  6. Jeff, I bought an Intense Tracer bike and it has a fox float x2 shock but after 3 months the shock started to make squishing noises. Have you heard of similar problems with other x2 shocks?

  7. I bought a used mtb with a Fox Float X2 and it makes a squishy wet sound when i compress it. What is wrong, and should i still ride it.

  8. I use the rear shock fox x2 spring, please help set the rebon and compensation if the bike wants to jump, if the stelanx is tight on the left, how many clicks are turned to the right for each feature (low speed rebond, hight speed reabond, low speed compensation, and height speed reference)

  9. Hey Jeff, great video, very very helpful, because 1000 and 1 settings can drive you crazy. Can you please tell your HSC & HSR? these two values would be helpful. Unfortunately they are not described in the video
    Greeting from the Austrian Alps

  10. Just ordered one from Jenson for my Tr patrol. Going to test and tune it at Windrock bikepark next weekend

  11. Hey Jeff, thanks much for the great vid! Very helpful! But as several have mentioned below, the settings that you mention you are running are indeed at the end of the video, but only PSI, Spacers, LSC & LSR, but no HSC or HSR. I have replayed several times, and they are not there. Could you help us with them??

    Oh, and overall how do you like the HD4?? i am still contemplating buying one..
     I just got the new 2019 Bronson V3, put a GRIP2 & X2 on it, looking forward to dialing it in!

  12. Hey Jeff, I am same weight, you only listed your PSI, LSC & LSR, can you please tell your HSC & HSR? And do you be chance have same for the GRIP2?? Thanks!

  13. just bought a ripmo with a 2019 X2. how do you balance high speed compression vs volume spacers? thanks!

  14. Hey Jeff, hopefully you can please help me out. I have this Float X2 on my New bike and i believe the shock setup may he the reason why i cant jump anywhere near as well as my 3 other bikes. I set the sag and everything to the manual default clicks, and i feel like i barely get any lift off jumps and cannot clear the same gaps jumps i can on all my other bikes. Im now guessing its related to HSR based on what you said at 4:50. When you say "too much high speed rebound" do you mean too open or too closed? Thanks a lot, see you on Galbraith.

  15. Wow. That sounds like alot of air for your weight. I just purchased a 2018 mach 6. Im 175 lbs. I’ve got 150psi. I’ve only ridden the bike twice. The first time the rear end had no lift. The second time at 165psi. Better. Oh. I adjusted my low speed damper the second ride. And checked my low speed damper. And its about the same as yours. Hopefully this weekend it’ll feel better. Thanx for the video!

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