Senator Harris Asks Attorney General Nominee Barr About Marijuana Legalization And Private Prisons!

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  1. why yes we need a wall to keep drug out and you have no record of on having the wall make a difference we need a wall a moron would know we need a wall

  2. Democrats wants AG Bill Barr to recuse himself from the Mueller Investigation. What are they so afraid of? Because he is very good and will tell the American people the truth behind this probe. And maybe clean-up all these corrupt officials and expose all their wrong deeds.

  3. Please You’re not gonna get to be president with these African weirdo names Kamala/ Obama Enough!!! American names !!!!! Bill George Donald John!!! Not kanala or Obama or worse….Cortez

  4. Is this woman Kamala kidding or just stupid? We know addiction is a health problem but it is also a fact that people addicted to hard drugs commit more crimes
    sometimes violent and deadly!

  5. I find the personal attacks humorous. I don't expect her to be sweet and pleasant when doing her job. She's there to ask the questions the people she represents want her to ask. My only critisism is she discounts the fact he has done the job before and acts like he has been in a coma since he left office.

  6. This bitch needs to die..she is a virus in our congress..Nust like Alexandria occasio cortez..Dumb as bitches.

  7. Why doesn’t this fucking commie just come right out and admit that she is TOTALLY Anti American. I swear to god I have never seen such a smug arrogant undeserving person serving in government in my lifetime. A DISGRACE

  8. Wow, I thought that this was a confirmation hearing. This should be an opportunity to question the nominee and get an understanding for where they stand.
    Not a platform for Kamala Harris to grand stand here position and state her opinions, recommendation and spew her propaganda !!!

  9. This hooker sucked her way up the ladder with a married man and now is running for president 2020. Wake up people. Do your research.

  10. 6:23 That is a total lie. CBC was very vocal about the need for tough sentencing on crack and so were many other black leaders. Her next point is a terrible logical fallacy by comparing it to the opioid epidemic, which is predominantly the result of overprescribing painkillers. Crack is an illicit drug and can't be compared to Vicodin or Percocet which are therapeutic drugs, unless she is meaning to call crack a therapeutic drug which would be weird.

  11. He brought up a good point but she cut him off. The left does the sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, how would they feel if the right done the same with disregarding federal gun laws

  12. No actually for Meth….the perfect thing is a long time out….and with most hard drugs although its a public health crisis, you also have them destroying property, stealing property, behaving violently towards eachother and society around them, and many more things……youll have to see if the cost of jailing them outweighs the cost they do to the public and private property with all those programs, and the loss they cause to law abiding citizen's health and livelihood and the safety of all their children, and the damage caused by exposing the public to their contagious addictive behaviours…which will likely be worse if theres no harsh penalties and no sentencing…when no good lazy irresponsible behaviour is rewarded with the same things everyone does good for, the good will become tired and devolve with the rest of the cretins…and thus it is contagious and why jail is supposed to be a quarantine.

    Lets meet in the middle and make an addicts only prison…and see how that goes.

  13. We really don't know how much drug trafficking passes through the border if our officers don't catch smugglers.

  14. The Dems don't want the government involved in the states rights to legalize weed but they beg the feds to get involved in states rights when it comes to guns. smmfhthe feds r there to facilitate not control.

  15. Do you ever notice. How everybody thank him for his service. Tell them how is such a great man working for this country. And I'm a fucking stab him right in the face. What a fucking joke the shit is

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