Senator Daylin Leach norristown adult use medical marijuana pa 2019 , update

This was the May 14 2019 event at the Norristown Public Library for adult use marijuana. I did miss the first 15 minutes due to the traffic on rt 422. but still lots of …


  1. That study could never be valid as one is not dealing with a controlled setting. What kind of weed set them off ? What was the strength? Was it laced with elephant tranquilizer or angel dust. Were there childhoods all the same? What was this woman trying to prove? Lady I know what alcohol does , it killed 5 people in my family and has ruined lives throughout history! Senator Leach this is a well thought out bill and I’m proud to have you as my Senator! We’re very lucky to have you!

  2. This is the update for adult use of marijuana / cannabis regulations in Pennsylvania from Senator Daylin Leach in Pennsylvania.

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