1. short and simple, it'll add a couple million JOBS to our economy because so much can be made with the stuff. limited legalize the POT in small/reasonable quantities, no huge growing, no sales, no DUI. in about a decade most of the pot would lose potency being pollinated by the hemp, so let people cheer "yaay it's legal" for a while, for now, so what!!

    taking away the $$$ value of POT by lifting its prohibition is instantly less incentive to import the stuff. with huge grows and sales illegal it gets relegated to being in a barter system if it's going to be a legal transaction, an unreasonably large transaction just wouldn't be legal.

    POT has helped many get off of powder drugs (coke and meth), POT is far less harmful.
    POT also helps with many kinds of physical ailments: pain, glaucoma, insomnia, PTSD…..
    we already know plenty, the studies have already been done too.

  2. There are not enough food farms in the United States to support the people if the market goes sour. If you're worried about farming.

  3. You have to think about all of the billions of dollars that were sent to Mexico because America wouldn't legalize marijuana. You have think about all of the people in prison on minor marijuana charges that shouldn't be there. costing Americans $30,000 a year to house them. This is what we need to get rid of. all of the Democrats. This is the justice department that Democrats created. The Democratic party are the true Criminals that deserve to be in prison.

  4. Thank you the war on drugs is a weapon to help destroy America. it weakens our health creates a huge divide with civilians and law enforcement. It creates crime bosses it breeds loathing for America in teenagers. It is a evil on to us.

  5. Are you on the plantation Senator Paul? It should be decriminalized!! Period! The State shouldnt be supporting (legalizing & taxing) , or Blocking personal choices (making it illegal, creating black markets) on this, and nearly all other products & services…. In a word: Liberty!!!

  6. Afraid of hemp because it threatens their parasitic need for anti-marijuana federal funding. This country needs a enema and big fat bong hit. It is unconstitutional therefore illegal to make cannabis and hemp illegal in the first place…….PERIOD……DONE…. . #PurgeParasites.

  7. I live in Colorado and I wish marijuana was illegal . Medical only. Potheads smoke marijuana all day.. even at work. Can’t be a good thing.

  8. and oil controls and in some cases put into remission chrones disease legalized this. people are suffering. it's just big pharma control as usual. I've never understood alcohol is legal but a helpful plant is illegal. makes no sence. legalize this.

  9. It's sad that you don't stand up to Trump more, considering his stance on foreign policy , immigration, and important social issues. I understand you are scared of pissing off the establishment and having Republicans in Washington turn against you, however, you must understand that the establishment will never like you. The neoconservatives in Washington will never support ending the wars, legalizing weed, or even decreasing the deficit. With McCain's death Trump has an easy ride to getting whatever he wants. You come from a family of Paul's in which your father would always stand his ground for his principles. It's time for you to do the same, no matter how much you must vote against Trump. I hope you can be principled in your libertarian views and stand up for liberty in America. You don't need to change your stances on issues to get more votes and support. You need to change other's stances and get their support, not for you, but for the beliefs you share.

  10. Thank you Rand! This important industrial crop has long been suppressed by the lobbyists of big lumber & oil. Canada, China & many European countries have never had problems sowing hemp. In this way, they have retained more freedom than the United States, which has made a mockery of us. Once the US revs up it's industrial hemp production to the scale it once was around WW2, many advancements of it's application to technology & industry will become feasible. Import costs on hemp have prevented many opportunities for entrepreneurs. The free market will shine favorably upon it's re-legalization, as once cost-prohibitive barriers fall away. Hemp fibers are the longest naturally occurring fiber known to man! Plastic bags may become obsolete as biodegradable hemp bags with the similar but superior properties will finally come to fruition! A big win for the environmental left & the entrepreneurial right!! Whomever profits off plastic & paper bags will just have to diversify or be relegated to history. US Hemp will challenge powerful adversaries, evolving much in our free-market! Small farmers must be protected from the likes of Monsanto, & encouraged once again to sow the hemp seed! This is how we Make America Great Again, make our Founding Fathers proud! Thomas Jefferson was as fond of the male plant as he was the female variety. Let's get the male plant rescheduled & fully legal in all 50 States. Trump is with us on this one!

    Thank you Dr. Paul for never giving up, giving in or selling out! You were my #1 choice in 16', as was your father in 12'. I joined Trump's Train 1 week after he knocked you out. I am contented with how things turned out, really, filled with glee. We both know how the media & coordinated left so viciously attack us true Patriots whenever we are front & center. Trump has the wherewithall to wether it all, he is tough. He is proving many principles & philosophies held by us on the right, true. After 8 years of Trump(20' will be a breeze), 24' will be YOURS, if you want it. Winners wether storms & come out stronger! LEGALIZE FREEDOM ★RP2024!★

  11. Mr Paul ….. PLEASE CONTACT THE PRESIDENT TO TELL HIM THE DEEP STATE IS GOING TO DO ANOTHER CHEMICAL ATTACK IN SYRIA AS A LAST EFFORT TO GET US INVOLVED WITH SYRIA AGAIN!!! RUSSIA HAS CAME OUT TODAY AND WARNED USA THAT THEY ARE PLANNING A FALSE FLAG CHEMICAL ATTACK TO BLAME ON ASSAD!!!!! We all know he wouldn’t do this when they have already pushed the radicals out fixing to end the war. THE DEEP STATE IS GOING TO DO THIS AND BLAME ASSAD !!!!! USA has already moved our navy in closer on standby!! This is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have chronic illness with autoimmune disease so I rely on CBD for seizures, pain, and sleep. We need this to be legal so people can use it without fear of losing their job or being arrested.

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