1. I used this Products Select CBD brand and I don't care what anybody says I do not smoke weed and I came positive for THC and I got my CBD oil from the dispensary with it says 0% THC like always is just bunch lies.

  2. The oil is made from coconut oil extract. Has anybody studied what the oil does to one's lipid profile?

  3. Can it be mixed in with tea or other drinks? The guy at the medical shop said it can even be mixed in with food, also i noticed the box says can be used for topical and be applied on skin every 6 hours

  4. My son takes for ADHD and works. I love it because the side affects of the meds were worse. He is doing better in school and is more focused and sits in seat more. I wish I saw coupon before buying because I paid full price. I emailed company and they would not take it off my credit card. Just a downfall on the company because all other stores will honor coupons after you hit submit. I found one for 15% and Select would not honor that coupon.

  5. My dad just recently had a stroke and to help w recovery my brother bought him a vile of the mint drops. He takes a dropper full in the morning as soon as he wakes up. And he also bought him a select brand muscle rub. That shit works in less tha. 5 minutes. My mom tried it on her knee she has arthritis and it worked quick. Select is a pretty good brand so far. Good stuff

  6. When it comes to these oils ,Please make sure it's made from The hemp flower .That will give you good levels of CBD with next to no thc,but I am a massive believer in thc is needed to help some things like pain ,more effectively.I use just CBD ,daily .But in rosin form instead ,and it's great for Anxiety Depression ext.I use when I can get hold of it 1/1 ratio of CBD to thc .These are great for pain.but like I said make sure it's from the hemp flower the bud,not the seed .The is no thc or CBD in hemp oil,it has to be made from the flower so check before buying .hemp oil is great has a nutritional supplement.

  7. the website says nothing about it being full spectrum or not. Probably not then. I'm very disappointed in this product. Used double the dose and has done nothing for me. I don't feel relaxed at all and don't even have much anxiety.

  8. Hi, Is it okay to take the Peppermint flavored oil at bedtime? Or does it interfere with sleep? Thanks!

  9. I have the Lemon Ginger, love it.. I have PTSD and Chronic Pain.. so thankful for this product. I use to use at least 5 Hydrocodone a day.

  10. I have sever anxiety like really bad some one mentioned the cbd oil to me im a little nervous about trying it. but im really considering it as I have pretty much run out of options and im tired of being on meds. can anyone tell me how good this is with helping anxiety and panic disorders

  11. I use the tumeric version of this product, and it helps immensely. It doesn't last too long for me, so I have to take large doses.

  12. Hello ive been using select cbd in lavendar. Took a week to get used to "perfumey" taste. Going on week 3.. helping with sleep and anxiety but mildly. I have a question how do you store your select cbd oils? In this summer heat i feel a fridge is best.

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